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Weekly buff purchase

Would gladly pay something like 5$ a week to get 100%+ buffs to xp, souls, gold for a weekly period!

You guys could be getting subscription money from me for that!

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It has not been confirmed (totally confirmed, maybe :stuck_out_tongue: ), but guild tokens may have the option to do something similar guild wide in version 2.1.


Tell me more about everything you know that’s related to guild changes. If you can’t do it here I’ll make a nice cup of hot coffee (or tea if you would prefer) and will await you in private messaging :slight_smile: :coffee: :tea:
EDIT: The green steaming cup does look like poison but it isn’t I swear!

I tend to not speak of it much because Sirrian will always come around to say that it isn’t confirmed. Nearly everything I know has been said on the forums by a dev and is in public sight.

This specific instance was discussed here: A small clarification about Guilds in 2.1 (in the future)

I believe Sirrian posted it because I PMed a day or two earlier addressing something about the guild that ended up spreading to at least a dozen guilds starting to stockpile tokens.


But the important question was: coffee or tea?


:tea: Tea :tea:

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Cofftea !!!

I don’t mind unconfirmed information, I like living dangerously :slight_smile:

I’m a huge fan of both tea and coffee. Loose leaf tea and aeropress coffee.

I just prefer the aroma of Coffee, but do drink it occasionally. (Prefer Iced Coffee though.)

Tea I’m not particularly fond of. Iced Tea’s okay, but only okay.

“But then what DO you drink?” You may ask.

Simple, milk. I love milk. Regular or Almond, doesn’t matter to me, so long as it’s milk.

Juice is pretty good, but not as good as milk.
Water quenches my thirst, but it’s sure not milk!
If I could live the rest of my life with only one type of beverage, it’d be milk, simple as that.

Now if you excuse me, I’ll be on my milky way. :milky_way:


I went nearly 20 years without drinking both coffee and tea. As a Brit not drinking tea that long I think is close to blasphemy but at the time my body and brain really didn’t handle caffeine well. Now I drink cheap 3 in 1 coffee 2-3 times a day :slight_smile:

Like you Zelfore I love milk but for the longest time my main drink was good old water. Here in the Philippines where I now live they do not really have a dairy industry so unlike back home milk is not great but once in a while I go to a slightly more expensive deli and buy imported milk from Switzerland I believe. Its not got quite the taste of a good old British pint of milk but it is close enough.

The most i like is to mix coffee and milk :wink:

I’m like mocha myself, however mocha’s don’t like me (aka I get sick if I try to have them).

As for the OP, I mention the Weekly buff idea to the rest of the team… no promises…

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Nimhain has a white wolf for a profile picture. Some kind of arctic wolf confirmed for new kingdom. xD



Last time, Nimhain had a Venbarak’s profile picture so maybe this wolf is the next weekly epic of the next kingdom.

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Just 4 more days until winter comes :smiley:
Damn it’s going to be good :smiley:

And about that wolf, we are probably getting a new kingdom soon​:turkmenistan:(there is no more TM smiley in options, oh why is the world such a cruel place) :black_joker:

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I can almost guarantee the new kingdom won’t be next week. May Zephyros strike me down if I’m wrong.:zap:
But we should be getting it…


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Wait for @Sirrian to spite you.

Yeah no kingdom ETA yet. I just thought it might be fun to change to an upcoming troop (and I like the art).