(closed) The Black Pearl is looking for crew! (30/30 :gem_skull: GW Bracket 4 #31)


I’m in. LVL 334, all kingdoms maxed.
Invite Code DENKU


We have one free spot


I’m lvl 151 very active !
Invite code MOJO-JOJO


I have just 5 more kingdoms to lvl 10 but… They just give me armor so i prefer to donate!
I have 223 uniqe troops and dragon armor


Hi, if you are active I am sure it won’t be a problem to keep up with contribution and still level up your kingdoms.
Invite sent


no more free spots left


Hi there I’m whisper I’m lvl 291 24kingdoms lvl 10 can meet all requirements wearing deathknight armour and can do 1500seal a week easy I’m VIP 10 with intent on moving up to VIP 15 would.love to join the crew invite code WHISPER


Hi @IxWhisperxi,

Please leave your current guild so we can invite you to join the crew of the Black Pearl… :smiley:


No worries


Okay I’m guildess
:slight_smile: )


I don’t know why but there was no invite in my mail someone able to resend it?


invited again
weird, when I’ve sent it before I didn’t get a message about you’ve been in another guild


invite code: WHISPER


I’m not.in a guild now but Ur invite isn’t there


What chat channel u on
I’ll post on chat make it easy


channel: 777


We have one free spot


Hi I’d love to join your crew. Level 878 and can easily meet your requirements. Invite code is MIGHTYME. Thanks


I’ve sent you an invite


no more free spots left