[closed] Level 177 Looking for casual guild with active contributors

Hi there,

I’m a level 177 player looking for a guild where everyone is an active contributor. My current guild is basically dead with the leader having not logged in for a month and about 2/3 of the members have 0 weekly gold contributed, where I’m lucky to see two key tasks a week if I’m fully buying one of them myself.

I log in every day even when “inactive”, unless physically not present for some reason. During these inactive periods, I will still make sure to funnel my login/kingdom gold back into the guild (roughly 3500 daily with 100% guild bonus). I can easily contribute 30k+ weekly when I am actively playing, as I am currently upgrading kingdoms, and when tasks are actively flipping (specifically keys/gems) I tend to be more active and therefore donate more. I don’t really pay attention to trophies, so I’m not sure what I can promise there, but I usually reach PvP rank1.

Please drop me a message here as I will need to leave my current guild.

TL;DR - looking to match or exceed active contributions in an active guild, without the obligation of having to play x hours a day

Crit Happens sounds like a good match for you :slight_smile: i am in chatroom 005 or you can message me here if you have any questions or want to send your invite code

Last Laugh would be super happy to have ya!

Thank you both. Crit Happens seems to be about my pace. My Invite code is: MITHRAN.