Clockwork Knight Bug?

Have tried 50 times in one game and only blue and purple transforms to yellow.
Blue 41 times and purple 9 times.

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Just tried, cannot make it do anything other than blue and purple.


That doesnt sound random at all xD
Now that i think of it, i expirinced the same. I had a cast where it chosed a color (purple) that wasnt even present on board, so it didnt transform anything.
@Saltypatra pinging you once again.

We’re going to take a look into this.


Hey guys,

We found a bug in Clockwork Knight’s spell code. It’s been fixed, but it will need a client update.

Good news is that we have a small client update coming in a couple of weeks to fix some of the bugs in 3.0. (We don’t have an exact eta on that yet).

We are going to look to see if we can get the clockwork knight fix out on Steam sooner (it will just be the spell fix, the other fixes will come with the proper update), but the iOS + android player will need to wait for the client update to get the fix.


Just curious, but how did no one notice it only effected 2 colors in playtesting?

It’s almost like they’re only human or something


What playtesting? :astonished: