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Cleanse reverse tranform

Since there is no counter against transform, i think it would be nice if cleanse could reverse it. That would be usefull especially in delve :slight_smile:

What do you think?

That’s tricky, as transfrom can be both a good or bad things, consider that Baby Dragon also use this mechanic to become a stronger dragon.

As I see now, Transfrom is a very rare machanic, so it’s okay there is no immunity for it right now. (not counting Zuul’Goth/Tower) But once it become more common, we might need one for it, but we might need to create a new one instead of updating Cleanse ability.

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Mechanically it’s tricky to implement this, because I doubt the game snapshots a troop or slot after it’s been transformed. Werewolf → Villager → Werewolf is another case of a transformation that is both beneficial and circular; what would repeated Cleanses do?

I know how I’d implement it if I were a Gems of War developer and if I were interested in making a cleanse for Transform – but it’s probably simpler to create an immunity trait instead.


Yeah i agree i thought cleanse would be appropriate spell to do it since it remove every negative status effect but like you said tranform isn’t a bad status effect it also can be beneficial so the immune trait look like the best solution

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