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Clarification regarding Traits

Hi everybody,

Just need a quick precision about how traits work, i couldn’t find this anywhere.

I was wondering about passive defensive traits like Tough Scales (on Basilisk, reduce Skull dmg by 30%) or Armored (on King Mikhail, reduce Skull dmg by 25%): does this count ONLY for skull dmg done on the character, which basically means for this trait to be useful, Basilisk or King MIkhail has to be in first position?
If not, do the effects of both of these traits stack?

Same question for Arcane Resistance (on Dragon Matrotan, reduce Spell dmg by 75%): does this work ONLY for spells that specifically target the Dragon Matrotan? What in case of spells that do scatter dmg: is the dmg done to the DM reduced by 75%?

Kruarg the Dead has a 5% chance to Devour on skull dmg: does this proc ONLY if Kruarg is the one doing the dmg, so if he is in first position?

Thank you for your help.





Thank you.

Seems very logical for the first 2, but I must say the third one is really disappointing.

The 5% proc chance is already pretty low (it’s not often you make 20 skull matches in one game for one guaranteed proc), but having to place Kruarg in first position to benefit from this trait makes it a lot less interesting…

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Personally, I am glad that Kruarg’s Devour chance is that low, only because of having to face him in events.

It’s low because Devour is so strong, and because it was especially so back when Kruarg was first introduced.

Also, there won’t be a guaranteed trigger, even after 20 attempts. The rates don’t have pity-timers, so it’s 5% every time (assuming the RNG code is correct and not overly streaky, which some will contend for in either case).

But, assuming it’s working as intended: .95^20 = .358

…or about a 36% chance of it having not triggered at least once in 20 attempts. If I’ve mathed correctly.

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Looks right, about a 64.15% of it happening in 20 skull hits.

But as always with this game it’s about 33% in my experience for each skull hit under ai control.

Also consider that:

  • effects that proc on skull dmg only trigger if you actually do any dmg when matching skulls. E.g. if the opponent troop is barriered up the effect won’t trigger; same if your troop is entangled or its attack is reduced to 0 by any other means.
  • bonus, collateral skull dmg (i.e. matching 4+ skulls or at least 1 doomskull) will still apply and count as skull dmg, even if you troop is entangled or its attack is reduced to 0.
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Another disappointing fact : 20 skull hits with 5% chance each is still not 100%. Welcome to this game, happy gemming. :hugs:

It is only about 64%

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There used to be a troop with 15% devour chance. It was so universally disliked the devs could not avoid nerfing it (which is a very rare occurrence).

On the bright side, this also means the chance for more than one devour to proc is about 36%.

Math is beautiful. <3

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Math is beautiful. <3

My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

Thank you all for taking the time to clarify this to such an extent.

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