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Question about Skulls/third trait of warlord

I just had my jaw drop to the ground and want to understand the mechanics behind this third trait of Warlord.

It says Gain 3 Attack when dealing Skull Damage.

This was used in conjunction with Bone Dragon…and I just witnessed a 54 point attack skill gain for the Warlord but it was the Bone Dragon doing the damage.

…is this correct?

Yes, that is correct. Courage and Great Maw behave the same way. They said the Great Maw is working as intended, so I assume the other two are too since they have yet to change them.

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Oh my goodness…

Remind me not to play against that combo again. Thanks Tacet!

Btw, do you ever sleep?

Hmm… Courage’s trait activation is known to be bugged, it should only activate once per attack, not multiple times… Great Maw and Warlord trait I am less sure of…

Just because devs haven’t sorted it yet, doesn’t mean it’s how they want it to work!

Just to be clear, Bone Dragon’s spell creates the skulls. Skull damage is always dealt by the topmost troop. Therefore, the stat increase on Warlord happens because, when in first slot, the hero now does a bunch of damage from the skull lineups that have just appeared. So, while BD’s spell initiates the combo, Warlord is the one actually dealing the damage.

Also worth noting that the way the game calculates attacks when bone dragon fills the board is very temperamental. This is what causes courage’s trait to activate many times, even if there are only a few continuous skull matches.

Maw’s trait gets him stat increases any time any member of the team deals skull damage. The “Frenzy” trait which other troops have (including courage) does not work in this way.

It all comes down to Bone Dragon being dumb…