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Children tv programs that scared the **** out of me

This is just horror, still have nightmare of it…

The troll, mother of god how scary it is.

This doll, jesus how scary she was…

Do you have any memories from childhood when it comes to scary children programs?

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Courage the Cowardly Dog. Why was that even a thing?

I recently started watching Courage again, always loved that show. It seemed to be written for high-schoolers, and marketed toward middle-schoolers.

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This doll from the norwegian ‘Sesam Street’, was so scary…

‘The Gork’ from the moomins…

Mr. Nelson, so scary :confounded:

I’m told the Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph Christmas special gave me major nightmares.

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Anyone else remember Mr Blobby?! He used to freak me out when I was like 4, ha ha.

He used to freak me out back when I googled him a couple minutes ago. What the heck is that??


The sleestack on Land of the Lost. The hissing and creeping around. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6P1o8l24vUY

And Mister Rogers was a bit creepy I always thought.


LOL! I look like that after 12 hours of solid drinking!

I’ve got no idea, man. I mean, you’d struggle to create something scarier than Mr Blobby if you tried your best to paint a picture of a monster after you got home from a night out at 4am…

wow… teletubies were the crazy A$$ sh**… i watched for 10 min one time, and looked at the clock and 55 min had gone by…


^^^ Lol I was thinking that too! It’s like a tranquilizer. Scary.
I watch tv maybe a couple of days a year anymore.

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Same here.

While it wasn’t the whole series, there was a episode of Skippy the Kangaroo that freaked me because Skippy’s head started to spin (like exorcist headspin), don’t remember much else about the episode.

Also got scared of the Ghostwriter kid’s series in the episodes about the Bubblegum doll (don’t remember the name).

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This freaked the hell out of me. The whole damn episode did.

Oh yes, definitely. Its the only thing that comes to my mind :smile:

Also, it wasnt children tv shows, but the movie. I was like 6 maybe 7 years old when watched the Hellraiser movie first time. There was a bald guy with his face full of needles. His traumatic image I remember till now :smiley:

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caillou, just knowing it exists is enough to drive people into insanity.

Not a TV show persay, but the movie ‘Labyrinth’ scared the crap out of me when I was maybe 7. Especially the muppets

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ow man, you have GI Joe voice parodies (PSA) on youtube which crack me up. Example:

The outside beasts from the Freggles:

And the flying bird from Tik Tak (childrens program), cant find a decent clip of it though: