Chests and Spoils of War

Can we have the possibility to buy more than 50 chests and more than 1 Spoil of Wars?

Maybe asking number with a box…

Thank you!


+1 to this.

When the next kingdom arrives, many of us will be opening tens of thousands of keys. That takes some time (and RSI) at 50 keys a time.

Unfortunately, Sirrian himself posted opening greater than 50 Chest is absolutely NOT going happen due to the load it puts on the server.

Spoils of War multiple purchase, that would be nice too.


I’ve always thought they should give you the option for offline chest opening. That is, you put a large number into a box, and then get GoWmail some time later with the results. Even it if took 24 hours to turn around, I’d prefer to the manual system. And since the server could process it during slow times, it’d be a win for everyone.


i read “spoiled chests of war” and thought another all girl guild was forming :sunglasses:


I think i remember that movie.