Chest opening question

Will i have higher odds for opening a legendary if I open 25 event chests at once? Rather then opening 25 one by one. Or is it the same odds either way?

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Suppose to be same odds

Odds are supposed to be the same. The only things I would keep in mind are: 1. If you already have the keys, opening 1 by 1 would make sure that you don’t use more keys than you need to (for example, if you got the legendary on the 1st opening vs. the 25th), and 2. If you don’t already have the keys and have to purchase with gems, then there is a bulk discount if you buy 10 or 50 at once, which you have to balance off against #1.

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Yeah thats why I wanted to know, so I didn’t waste any keys. Seems like if you buy 50 in bulk you are almost guaranteed 1 legend.

I haven’t used event keys in a while, but I think my results when opening 50 have been pretty good. Some kingdoms have more than one legendary now, so sometimes you get the one that you don’t want…

“Supposedly” the odds are exactly equal both ways. This is my personal experience too, but YMMV.

However, Event Chests cost more raw Gems then Gem Chests per key (as I recall). So I would advise against using Gems to buy Event Keys unless you really need the Legendary. Try to just use your Existing Event Keys, in addition as @Stan mentioned there is a discount at play for opening 20 and 50 IF you are using Gems to open Chests.

no, but you will have higher odds of not getting a bad feeling upon rng perception recall bias if you open many chests in one session instead of occasional single chests

also if you are opening using gems not keys then opening a bigger bundle comes at cheaper gems per key cost so recalculating chances per gem - chances raise with opening in bigger bunch indeed

Ignore all the other posted answers but mine. They assume but I know.

Except my answer probably won’t make any sense to you.

On account creation a random number based on milisecond time stamps is created called a salt. Every time you talk to the server a new seed is created based on milisecond time stamps. Seed and salt is what helps generate random numbers. Buy 1 chest at a time, a new seed is created each buy. Buy 50 chests only one seed is created.

I don’t trust the (not) random number generator gems uses.

Your simple question I’ve been contemplating for over a year and trying to gather evidence for.

Using technical terms sounds cool but doesn’t make you right, although the level of arrogance you displayed is impressive. If the RNG is messed up, it’s going to act badly, whether the salt is unique each run or used for a batch. It’s unlikely that even a badly coded RnG would perform the way you are describing, in such a consistent manner but with nobody noticing. Evidence would be great though, if you ever get any together…


What I want to know is…
Is sea salt luckier than table salt?

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Ah, but those aren’t my technical terms. Mr. Strange used to get quite chatty sometimes.
I’ll ignore the purposely rudefulness in the rest of your comment and instead recommend you look up salt and seed as related to random number generators. A millisecond seed is only 1 - 1000.

If the salt is truly based on account creation microseconds, you could be born unlucky so to speak.

you know your “explanation” actually didnt answer the question at all

weather we can determine that some salts are luckier then others or not, since the given player is asking about his given account, leaving the salt out of equation, the question would be:

is there bigger chance for the mythic using one single seed or many seeds, the short answer is neither as we cannot determine which of the seeds are more lucky and which not, so overall chances are statistically same

  • you could have at least say that much if tyou really wanted to answer the question

instead you only planted a seed of doubt upon the artificial rng mechanics which is both known and pointless to talk about

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So if you’ve been gathering for a year I trust you’ve been opening chests one at a time for vast periods and also batches of 50, and have you got a preference at all?

I’m getting a bit salty about this seedy business.


I can’t answer the question, some salts are born lucky and some are cursed. If you’re cursed, 50 at a time is your only hope. If you’re lucky, it’s complicated lol.
Standard rng’s are not good enough in lottery simulations. A salt should be generated at login time so it changes occasionally, not at account creation.

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makes more sense, i can take that

I was purposefully trying to emulate your tone, based on your comment “ignore
all the other posted answers but mine”, “They assume but I know”, and " my answer probably won’t make any sense to you". If you find your tone to be “purposely rudefulness”, changing it might elicit better responses.

As for the actual topic, I don’t need to look them up, I deal with this stuff daily. As for the size of ms, they’re not that small and you’re confusing the definition of “milli” with the way it actually works in practice which is based on UTC (for example, now would be around 1490617573000).

I’ll continue my wait for evidence…

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Sounds more like you’re trying to get my goat…

You do realize the “time” you gave is only accurate to the nearest whole second? The last three digits which were zeroed would have been milliseconds.
Unix time is a 32/64 bit integer.

I got the new legendary in 70 chests

First 45 opened 1 by 1 nothing
1 group of 5 nothing
1 group of 10 nothing
Last group of 10 finally got it