Chest opening question

Nice! I think that is slightly under average, as I seem to recall the Event Chest Legendary drop rate being around 2%.

I just opened 150 Event Chests 3 (50s). By consulting an atomic clock and cross referencing a Ouija board to ensue “lucky” salt. I Got 3 copies of Krystenax. (2, 0, 1) Hopefully with a year of data collection and the addition of Tarot deck I’ll be able to get that up 50 Legendry’s per 150 Chests opened.:stuck_out_tongue:

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It took me a bunch of 50, then twelve lots of ten event chests to get krystenax mythic.

Getting even 12 of the storyline epic (+1 from the quest, +3 from the event) with two in the drop pool for the kingdom (and several more not in the kingdom also in the pool, albiet at a reduced rate) was much harder for me than getting 6 of the legendary. Was it not the same for you guys on console?


Little Johnny Bronze was an absolute nightmare for me to ascend to mythic! Princess Elspeth was smooth sailing in comparison to the aforementioned troop.

Congrats on the 5star mate. She is being a pain for me. Only 5 copies dropped with 300 keys spent. Silver maiden though I got at least 25 copies at mythic. :smirk:

Haven’t got it to 5 stars just yet, mate! Need some more Elven Bard and Swordmaster, ha ha.

Almost there :smirk:

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Yea, little jb and Elspeth are only legendary here. I do have 150 event keys still but I might use them if I need Elspeth to mythic for the 5* Kingdom.

Funny we have this discussion on the BDO forums, my character was born unlucky :frowning: