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Chat Rivalries Thread

Far too much effort for zero payoff.

its a character in Doctor Who. actually a translation from english, to something else, back to english -

melody pond

Gosh. This happy go lucky thread sure is full of good sportsmanship and fellow feeling. I don’t know why anyone would worry that it might devolve into mud-slinging and insults.


Though I am not familiar with either the show (well, not since Tom Baker, and even then not very) or the character in question, it was just a joke. Much like this thread.

Don’t they though? It’s somewhat tough to be good-natured in the continual internet presence of the thought police. I do greatly appreciate all who make the effort, though.

I wonder if it would have stayed happy go lucky if you hadn’t shown up? It probably would have been more happy go lucky for me, in any event.


Great! Of course that’s an ACTUAL victory in PvP, but at this point I welcome anything in the spirit of actual gaming. Ancient Horror is my best troop, pretty much, so I’m sad to see it lose, but since I don’t get offered matches with top-10 level players, I won’t see that team for, oh, ever.

I will have to watch for dhjl to show up in chat to see if my ancient horror can beat his. I doubt it.

You don’t have to wait for chat, you can challenge him directly from the leaderboard.

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Yes, thanks for that–I actually tried it earlier, but I didn’t get the same team that he has set as defense, or else he’s changed it–there was no Ancient Horror when my team lost horribly.

I fought Gorgotha, Venoxia, Psion, and Crimson Bat. They crushed my dudes rather immediately. I suppose having almost all your traits on four mythics and (just guessing) having all your kingdoms to 10 is a significant boost! I made my dhjl, jr. team with all the same guys except for Venoxia, which I don’t have. I swapped in Boar Rider, the obvious choice…

Of course I’ve only ever had one chat with anybody that was even remotely competitive, and that was with Hadoken, so dhjl was not for the glory–strictly for the humiliation.

That’s because he never put Ancient Horror in his defense team. The one you saw was simply a summon from one of Gorgotha’s traits, Daemonic Pact: 25% chance to summon an Ancient Horror on death.


Well that makes perfect sense. I was just looking at how many troops have that trait. I look forward to seeing them show up with greater regularity than the Abhorath from Sacrificial Priest, some day. Which seems unlikely, but two or three daemons with the pact should have a greater chance of getting one on death than the priest’s 30%. The whole summon thing seems to work much better on defense than on offense, in my limited experience…