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Chat Rivalries Thread

This is the thread where you can paste pictures of your successful beat-downs of those boastful (and the not so boastful) competitors in chat who deserved one!

Take that, Hadoken!

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What is the purpose of this thread, aside from shaming?

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Call outs of specific players are not permitted in the forums. @Sirrian, would this fall under that rule?

With how heated the conversations can get in this forum, this thread could be very dangerous indeed. :thumbsdown:


If people are really so thin-skinned that they get upset by visual evidence of a feature the developers have now BUILT INTO THE GAME, well, sure, that’s super dangerous.

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“Dangerous” :confused:

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Shaming? You would consider this nonsense to be shaming you if somebody beat the AI playing your team? Does the AI really play any team well? I haven’t seen it do so. The purpose was the amusement of people who have a sense of humor about themselves and the game. If those people are in short supply in this community, well, that’s really a great shame, in and of itself.

How bout this, people showing their wins or loses over the top pvp leaders on the board instead of randoms.

Congratulations on choosing a name that suits you perfectly.


Does that strike you as the sort of remark that a person actually worried about harmonious forum behavior would make? It strikes me as the sort of borderline hostility representative of passive-aggressive internet control freaks who, taken in the aggregate, induced me to adopt the name that I use. Maybe it’s the lack of an emoji that gives that impression, however. :scream:

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Hypothesis confirmed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hypothesis or self-fulfilling prophecy? What does your name signify? Your song is all wet?

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Wouldn’t this fall under that rule? No offence intended :slight_smile:

As for the topic of this thread - I don’t think such pictures are shaming (it’s against this so-called AI, where the “Intelligence” part is obviously a joke), but I don’t see any sense in posting them (for the same reason…)

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Well if I was Hadoken I would have found it funny - he only won a single gold key! Things seem to get a bit het-up here very quickly :frowning:

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Thought you had to lose to get 0 experience.
Must have photoshopped the victory image over the defeat one :wink:

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That looks like the screen you get after a training match not an actual PVP match.

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Yes, that is correct. If some harmless chat rivalry erupts, the fast way to settle the dispute is a training match.

I appreciate your remarks.

It was not random–it was a challenge out of chat.