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Chat issues on mobile (solved)

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Global chat on my mobile phone hasn’t worked in 24 hours. (Samsung Galaxy S9+)
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Try to connect to global chat
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Have to do a hard restart every time to make the game playable. As often as this happens. I wish there was a way to back out of the loading ring of death. Without having to restart the game. Luckily, I haven’t done it in any matches that matter.
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You can minimize the game and hit the return button on your phone

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Hard restart on the game I mean. As in I have to shut it down by closing the app and then reopening it. I don’t restart my phone every time.

I just minimize the game by dragging the top of my phone screen on LG G5 and I hit the back arrow key and the loading circle disappears

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No such luck here.
It’s like the Energizer Bunny…

Have you try to hit the arrow on the top right?

I barely touch the top of my screen, just enough to see the arrow Square and circle keys on the right and Battery Wireless network on top. But the game stays full screen almost

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I actually forgot to hit the back button. Caught it when I was quoting you. It works now! Thanks! :grinning:
Finally, helpful feedback on the forums! :pray:

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Cool. Glad I could help.

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I can escape the loading circle, but the guild still won’t work until I do something funky every single time. I describe the procedure somewhere on another thread