Chat Channel labels based on language

This was an idea that formulated in Global chat in the past hour or so and apparently I was nominated to write the request for it.

Would it be possible to get chat channels labeled by primary language? (Eg Global - EN, Global - FR, Global - IT etc) And, while this might be harder, the option to have multiple tabs open so people who are multilingual can be part of multiple language channels at once.

The concern that began this was that sometimes people feel intimidated by a wall of text in a language that is foreign to them and might not feel comfortable in interjecting in their own language.

Having a primary Global chat for each language would help people who speak a certain language to hopefully find others who also speak it.


in my opinion this idea is not this bad…

many people have some problems in speaking / understanding foreign languages - just think about all the people in forums who start their topics with “sorry for my bad english” :smiley:

the global chat could be replaced with a chatroom based on the selected language from options menu. then u could ask a question in your native language - and better understand the answer to it :wink:

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I thought this was already a thing as most people seems to be speaking french on my “gloval” channel :o

Might depend on the time of day? Not sure. Though with the cross language legendary and mythic announcements my gut feeling is that it isn’t.

Resounding support :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend trying to take it upon yourself, post in the forums ‘Global XX’ (two 'x’s to not be confused with pron) is french, come join your fellows

or something along those lines

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