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Global chat channel (by language)

hi everyone i was thinking it would be nice to know wich channel by default are for each language, maybe someone want to practice Italian , Spanish or deutch we never know :slight_smile: so im starting a list, feel free to let me know about other language i will add it to the list

001: English channel
100: German channel
200: Spanish channel
300: French channel
400: Italian channel
999: Ricky Show channel (xbox exclusivity)
1337: Dank Memes channel


I like this idea, man.

1337 is the DANK memes channel! :sunglasses:


Need only 3 digit number tough :slight_smile:

@Nimhain made some mention to there being some ranges being for certain languages, but I forget which. Also chat doesn’t currently support asian alphabets, so the chinese and japanese channels might not be feasible.

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Hi. I also be searching for Russian and Italian at least

Spanish 200
German 100

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ty very much im adding them to the list

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Currently we have language channels for the different languages we translate the game to: French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Nice to know ,So do you know what is the italian channel? 400 is my guess?

English: 1
German: 100
Spanish: 200
French: 300
Italian: 400
Dank Memes: 1337


Awesome ty, plenty room still avalaible let me know if you want to reserve one :slight_smile: i will take 999

Why don’t we use the telephone country code as a reference? Dutch would be 0031 for example, after the country code for the Netherlands. The Flemish are of course also welcome. :grin:

By that logic, the Belgians (including the Flemish) should be in 0032 instead :stuck_out_tongue:

IT won’t work channel only got 3 digit

thanks for adding this, great idea !

im interested in getting Polish channnel to send folks to (but id still stay at #1 myself xD )

Можно для России зарезервировать 777 канал?

Я бы сказал, для русского языка (где бы его носители ни жили).

I’d say channel 777 is likely to be reserved for Russian-writing players (wherever they live).

Hledam Ceskou nebo Slovenskou komunitu?
Tak se pridej k nam, v global chatu na kanale 810
Czech + Slovak chat on the channel 965

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