Global chat channel (by language)


hi everyone i was thinking it would be nice to know wich channel by default are for each language, maybe someone want to practice Italian , Spanish or deutch we never know :slight_smile: so im starting a list, feel free to let me know about other language i will add it to the list

001: English channel
100: German channel
200: Spanish channel
300: French channel
400: Italian channel
999: Ricky Show channel (xbox exclusivity)
1337: Dank Memes channel

PS4 Global Chat Announcement

I like this idea, man.

1337 is the DANK memes channel! :sunglasses:


Need only 3 digit number tough :slight_smile:


@Nimhain made some mention to there being some ranges being for certain languages, but I forget which. Also chat doesn’t currently support asian alphabets, so the chinese and japanese channels might not be feasible.


Hi. I also be searching for Russian and Italian at least

Spanish 200
German 100


ty very much im adding them to the list


Currently we have language channels for the different languages we translate the game to: French, Italian, German and Spanish.


Nice to know ,So do you know what is the italian channel? 400 is my guess?


English: 1
German: 100
Spanish: 200
French: 300
Italian: 400
Dank Memes: 1337


Awesome ty, plenty room still avalaible let me know if you want to reserve one :slight_smile: i will take 999


Why don’t we use the telephone country code as a reference? Dutch would be 0031 for example, after the country code for the Netherlands. The Flemish are of course also welcome. :grin:


By that logic, the Belgians (including the Flemish) should be in 0032 instead :stuck_out_tongue:


IT won’t work channel only got 3 digit


thanks for adding this, great idea !

im interested in getting Polish channnel to send folks to (but id still stay at #1 myself xD )


Можно для России зарезервировать 777 канал?


Я бы сказал, для русского языка (где бы его носители ни жили).

I’d say channel 777 is likely to be reserved for Russian-writing players (wherever they live).