The New Category - Other Languages (To all the non english talkers)


I posted this because I’m seeing a lot of posts (probably recruit ones, I don´t understand them) in other languages on the chat and pc/mobile recruit site.

We have a own category of other languages. Is made for this posts and for all the ones in other languages. If we concentrate all in the category, they will make subcategory’s probably by languages.

If we contribute together we can made a good part of the forum for all this people of every language that they don´t understand English, and are so confused in game. If they have a place to see they will join and contribute more in forum also.

Only can go better if we all contribute to make this be notified. If more people join forums I think better could be also.

This is the category: some people posted their some things in other languages also

If we make a lot it be easier. We are many people here yet.

Thanks a lot for read it and please is easy if we want. :slight_smile:
I did it, and I’m still doing.

 Ono  Palaver