Chat Change for PC/Tablet

To put it delicately, the chat is… annoying. The only way to stay updated is to cover part of your screen with a semi-transparent overlay that is annoying to use. I am generally forced to play on a very small portion of my screen with the top 1/3 of my game window for chat, the middle for the game, and the bottom 1/3 for nothing. This is in addition to the 60% of my monitor that I end up not using at all.

I propose an option for a semi-permanent chat on the left hand side.

Something like that could be used or removed with a simple box being ticked. Perhaps and option for the size being changed with a slider like the current “lite” version of the chat has. and if the window size was adjusted the game could just scale as it normally does just ignoring the portion featuring the chat window. Guild chat could have an easy tab to switch to as well.

I think this would increase engagement among players and while phone users probably couldnt take advantage of it (that I can see) I believe it would make players significantly more social in general. I know many players, myself included, who avoid the in game chat in its current form and I think this could be the answer.



i much much prefer the old “lite” chat style over the new, but having that off to the side split screen style as well would be amazing!

this would definitely get more people engaged in “in game” chat


the chat has become an exchange of honor bazaar
you don’t miss anything if you have it closed