This is chat now?

This is a joke right?

Im missing some option to just have a regular chat screen show up?


yeah is so ridicoluos

We use it a lot but now I think is finish.
We don´t want discord so what we can do?

No good points on this chat mode

Reconsider getting Discord. I can’t imagine dealing with just the in-game chat.


I try in the past sometimes and I don´t like it

If the only good way is move to discord, probably I quit soon.
Is something I don´t want

The chat window has been made smaller so it can be run while you are playing the game.

When you’re in battle you need to open chat in the top right corner, then press the downwards arrow and change the transparency. Now you can keep up with global when you are in a match.


With bonus Sparkle Ponies guild chat for you all.

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Being able to have chat open while in a battle doesn’t do much good if the window is so small you can’t get much chat in it. Hopefully, eventually, you’ll be able to resize the window. Or at least toggle between overlay and full screen mode.


Add the mythic troop notification and you will miss everything been said, very fun when a new troop is released

I still don´t see the good point

before I also see both chats at the same time when I was out of the chat window. Now I only can choose one. Guild or Global.

And no recruitment channel? is going to be so hard now for people out of discord
and I see I can´t past nothing. Nothing like a link of forums, sadly

It doesn’t stay open as soon as you do something on the grid - the chat screen disappears.

if you change the opacity down it won’t disappear, it will act as an overlay so you can continue playing.

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Tried that - keeps disappearing

On PC, Steam, Windows 7

Contact support!

This has already been updated in the new version…so no worries…


New chat is so narrow it really makes it hard to follow conversations, wish we could choose the size (width/height) of the box.

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I’d seen pictures of the new chat before release. I assume it would be an independent window that could me moved around your desktop. That would be useful.

I am especially amused at how in some modes the game is letterboxed equally on the sides, forcing the chat to cover the board while leaving clear black space on the other side!

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why not an option for full screen or ability to stretch? I hate dividing the guild between in game chat and Discord

Our guild uses LINE for communication.
Simpler and easier to use than Discord

yes but I don´t want any else to complement the game.
I hate all the app facebook, twiter, instagram, telegram, wsp, I don´t have any one because I don´t like them

Now I see it must be implemented other chat system to use correctly, discord, line, but I also don´t want an external chat.
This is what we have now?

And also how can I change the text of the Guild Message?
I don´t see nothing good in this chat change.

I prefer to maximize or minimize when I want
I prefer a chat in what I can paste something like the old one
to read now is so boring and tired

so so bad

I know your joking… But this is the time I really pay attention to VERIFY the Mythic is “really” in the Chest before spending the Keys myself.