Chat vs poor eyesight

This is an appeal to the devs to rethink chat size.I have a very good friend who can barely read chat,even with glasses.You have to think about those people too.
Make the chat bigger,or enable an option so that we can change its size.
This problem was probably mentioned before by other players,so forgive me that I mentioned it again…

Imagine keeping that same interface when it’s time to update Mobile version…

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just to let devs realise the degree to this problem:

ive completely withdrawn from all social gow life inside the game since the 3.0.5 update,

  • not anymore hang in global chat at all, and not at weekends when i used to do it
  • not anymore hang in guild chat, not even on a regular basis checkup
  • not anymore help guildmates with teams or congratulate or anything like that since i cant follow it without real fallback on my shortsight issue
  • struggle to ever recruit new members, if i force myself to exert my poor shortsighted eyes for few minutes trying to recruit its rather useless activity

thanks to chat size update im back in a single player zone all the way, the joy…

and no, i cant just zip it and read the chat ignoring hurting eyes, the shortshight flaw or disease whatever its called is not reversible, it can only go worse, so thank you :angry: