Changing Treasure Maps without Breaking the Game Economy

Okay, so the biggest problem with reworking Treasure Hunt is that there’s a LOT of players with tens of thousands of them. And they keep accumulating.

So all the ideas about allowing us to play ten at a time, etc would have a huge impact on the game’s economy.

In my mind, the only way to change Treasure Maps is to introduce a new type of Treasure Map. The reason is that it creates a level playing field.

With a new type of Treasure Map, any of the ideas for playing multiple Treasure Maps (to play them faster) or changing their rewards (to make the game mode more attractive) could be implemented. But none of that would apply to the thousands of old Treasure Maps.


  1. Old Treasure Maps would still work the same way with the same rewards.
  2. New Treasure Maps would work in a different way, and would be easier to use up.

Note that battles would start to drop the new Treasure Maps only.

Anyway, that’s just one approach to solving the problem of too many Treasure Maps in the game, while avoiding them accumulating further.


I like that idea, however I would say that take the old treasure maps and depending on the ratio of the new one and just have them be converted.
Like if it was 10x rewards maybe take the amount of current maps and divide it by 10 or more into the new treasure map system, I think all of us with thousands of unused maps would still rather have a reason to use them and have less of them than to just have them collecting dust in our inventories.


My personal approach would be, that treasure maps shall be convertable to gems at a 1:1 ratio (after all, it was one gem for a 7 move chain before the maps were introduced as well). This is clearly below an average map run, yet allows to get rid of these things without feeling too bad about it.

I’d be happy if the treasure hunt rewards had all the resources that have been added to the game. Food, ingots, etc.


Simple, next batch of medals (or adjusted in next patch for existing medals) give us the choice of souls or maps (as an alternative way) to use to upgrade troops. Of course if we get more medals…

I don’t know about how many should be used, but many people have 10 million plus souls and I know we have people with around 50 million souls. Treasure maps, some have around 30,000?

I’ve got around 7.75 million souls and 18,000+ treasure maps and rising.

So, what is it, 60,000 souls (10,20 and 30k) to do the upgrades per Epic troop. How about I dunno 100, 200 and 300 treasure maps? I’ll set the bar low… They will soon go down. I mean realistically we should be rewarded in some way for using them, but can’t see it happening. Edit: might be a little high with map numbers in comparison to soul attainment. Let’s say 50, 75 and 100. At the same time however, if this option is implemented, we should be warned if there will be any upgrade to treasure maps, so we can make an informed choice on whether or not to use them.

It’s a bit of a cop out to say that all those maps break the economy, but is it really of our doing to have so many and be punished by actually having a currency we can’t spend? They accumulate fairly prolifically when levelling Thief for example.

Using maps could help a little for those with not so many souls, give them a choice of what to use to upgrade. I mean we can’t simply just upgrade troops withour farming medals, which is purposefully set to ad infinitum in the current setup., so in this regard, nothing breaks any economy.

So much this. Treasure maps are disappointing and infrequently used because their rewards are dated . If the loot tables for treasure maps (and maybe vault keys) were consistently updated for new resources, people would be much more inclined to use them. As it stands, though, we feel compelled to play the game modes that can drop what we want (e.g., tokens or shards).

Making treasure maps and vault keys into a “grab bag” where any resources are possible to obtain would be a huge benefit. . And there is no need for this to be damaging to the economy - the most valuable resources could still be very rare, and players only have so much time to dedicate to their game mode(s) of choice.