Changing Home Kingdom clears defense battles?


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I had some defences to do and went to change my home kingdom for another one (in hope for some good traistone drops), right after changing my home kingdom, the 2 defences I had left disappeared (they were less than 2 hours old)

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Wait to have at least one defence up, change home kingdom…

But maybe this is intended? I don’t know :o


It is intended. You left the kingdom you were defending.


you basicly did a mass retreat to a new kingdom. your old kingdom is now burned down and there is nothing left to defend.


Asked that last week here.

Still would be nice if when you switched back to the original home kingdom, the Revenge battles come back, but…


Oh, I made a search but thought that post was another post about the perks of having a weak or strong defense team from the title ^^’

Well, what would be nice would be to be able to change home kingdom without loosing those defences : sure, it make sense, it’s role play, but in practice, you should be able to change kingdom to your convenience, it’s not like changing home kingdom would affect the battles :confused: