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Changes in Chimera's possibilities?

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was fighting GW and in one of the fights something very odd happened.
Fighting against Noremacs of the guild Italiaclan I hit the Hero of said player with Chimera.
I expected the Hero being poisoned and BURNED but instead he was poisoned and FROOZEN.
As far as I know there has been no change in Chimera’s possibilities.
The damage given was correct.

my guess is your character had immune to burn and another enemy has freeze on gem matches or some other trigger.

What class were you using?

What could have happened is that the hero was immune to burning so Chimera only poisoned the hero. If you were using a fully traited Frostmage class the third trait of freezing an enemy when an ally cast a spell could have triggered and froze the hero as well.

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Playing as Assasin
Dawnbringer +10
Lava Elemental
All fully traited at level 20
There is nowhere something that says the enemy be frozen.

Closest thing to Freeze with Assassin Class is “Chill of Death”, but that required another opponent’s troop to die first, so it might not be it.

Such a curious case…

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Deleted my other post I just saw assassin class my bad

Yep I know…. curiouser and curiouser……

That is odd… if it happens again can you please take a screenshot?

I will, but that may take a while….

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