[Investigating] Bug in Frozen match 4+, skulls and gems credited to wrong side

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android 11 (4.9.113 kernel) SM-T970

Screenshot or image:
none, requires video

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  • Enemy or enemies are frozen (as expected).
  • Enemy moves, gets a match. Enemy gets mana, I get hit by any skull damage as expected.
  • Enemy gets a match 4 (or more), the Frozen status DING happens, meaning the enemy won’t get a new turn. So far as expected. The board is still in motion.
  • At this point, as long as new matches keep happening from dropped gems (in the same move where the above happened), then I do damage to enemy from skull matches, and I get mana from gems until the cascade stops. The enemy should still be hitting me with skull damage and getting the mana from gems, because it is still its turn, but it thinks it’s my turn!
  • The cascade finally stops.
  • Now it’s my turn again (as expected).

I presume this goes the other way as well if I were frozen, but I have a medal of Orpheus on and don’t stay frozen long, and the RNG never gives me a long enough drop cascade for this to happen anyhow.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Several times a day, half a dozen so far today. Started seeing it yesterday (Dec 15) after the update.

Steps to make it happen again
Put someone on your team who freezes the enemies. Eventually the enemy will move and get a match 4 but the Frozen DING happens. As gems and skulls keep falling and matching, now the enemy gets hit by skull damage and I get the mana until the board finally stops moving. At that point, it’s my turn again.

I’ve gotten this half a dozen times in Raid Boss today using Elementalist, which freezes enemies with Elemental Force.

Just happened to me in class trial. Again with elementalist, but otherwise a completely different team.

Do you have nexus troops on your team? Many of them create gems at the beginning of their turns that cause the cascades you’re seeing.

My Raid Boss team is Mang + Valiant Pyrea + Shayle + Stoneborne Lion (Elementalist class). Those troops are all Nexus, of course. But it’s not the gem creation that’s the problem. This doesn’t happen during my turn. It’s that during the AI turn it wrongly decides that the AI’s turn is over while gems are still falling.

Damn it, sure enough, this bug just triggered against me in PVP and I wrongly lost because of it. Enemy had me frozen, I triggered a giant cascade and because of this bug half my gems got credited to the cheapass norbert/gobtruffle team, who then destroyed me.

Is nobody else at all seeing this, or is nobody even paying attention enough to notice? Maybe it’s Android 11 only? I’m only playing at 2x speed.