[Changed] What's blue and yellow and dead all over?

No, not the newspaper, that one is black and white. It’s actually Dark Forest Troll, the fifth troop for the Primal Rift faction event this weekend.

Why blue and yellow, I hear you asking? Those are the troop mana colors. And why dead all over? Because Primal Rift only allows green and purple troops. Sure, so far the data hasn’t been finalized and is still subject to change. That didn’t prevent Burning Ocularen to get pushed out of the door in a broken state though, even after the issue was brought up several weeks ahead. It’s possibly way too much to ask, any chance this could be handled more professionally this time around?


The flavor text is perfect for this situation.

Stupid is as Stupid does.


I was fully expecting a bot in here with anti-ukraine propaganda

So they did it again, assigned colors mindlessly to a troop :man_facepalming:


Don’t worry, last time they reviewed their processes to determine how the error happened and prevent it from happening again.


Depends on the overall latency between design decisions and review … how long did it take for them to fix Burning Ocularen post-release?

(and yes, seriously, how does this bug even make it INTO production at all, ESPECIALLY after Ocularengate?)

"How about a dog turd and tonic?"
- barfing sounds
"Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to apologize for that last sketch. We're sorry. We're very sorry. We're honestly so f**king sorry."

Never assume the worst! I thought it was a reference to the recent Batman movie.

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I hope for the sake of the developers that this was a typo/oversight and that they meant Purple/Yellow. Which makes sense both according to the faction restrictions and the “rules” they try to stick to for these trolls.

I wonder if any of the “dev team” will actually read this before Friday?

“Feature Requests and Game feedback” often seem to be ignored/never get any response from CX team. They don’t even respond to all bug reports either though.

I never actually minded that Burning Ocularen didn’t fit the Faction’s colours, tbh, aside from it being featured in the Event Shop for the Faction Assault (purportedly to be used in that event…). Nice new troop, different way to get it.

Nice to be able to use it for the Faction too, though – like, why not, makes it a more impactful release.

It potentially being a mistake is a concern, though (idk if we ever found out if they just changed their design choice or actually just erred).


This is not intended, passed this onto the team this morning and we are going to get those changed! But this Troop is still being worked on :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks Jeto, much appreciated.

Updating this has been changed and will appear in the blog post for tonight’s Faction Expansion weekend.

Dark Forest Troll is now purple/yellow.


Thanks. Glad it worked out, I have to admit I was still having doubts it would be changed in time. :smile:

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I’m hoping this was caught internally given the supposed changes that happened after last time, but I have my doubts :sweat_smile:

Either way, I’m happy this was changed before release! Certainly a step in the right direction.