Change to the Mastery math?

I read through the guide on Mana Mastery and found that the formula posted there doesn’t give me the mastery my hero page shows.

My mastery is 153 for blue for example. The guide states the formula is Surge Chance = Mastery / (100+Mastery).

So . . . 153 / (100+153) = 153 / 253 = 0.605

Now rounding down I get 60% but my hero page shows 51%. Has the formula been changed in some previous update?

That was the old formula before 1.0.8. I forget what the current it, but everything after about 80 mastery starts to be a lot less effective than it use to be.

Found it:

New: LIMIT = 0.73 & DECAY = 62
Old: LIMIT = 1 & DECAY = 100


Yep, and the change was from LIMIT = 1 & DECAY = 100 to LIMIT = 0.73 & DECAY = 62 which should produce the graph above.

You added that right as I added it, lol.

I waited a few minutes and refreshed to see whether there was a subsequent edit but just not long enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info everyone. Sad how I’m only level 446 and my mastery numbers aren’t going to mean much moving forward.

Above a certain level, I suspect mastery is more about retaining a high chance of mana surges when facing a troop with the Jinx trait.

Speaking of, does Jinx stack? If I made an ill-advised team of four Banshees, what would happen to my opponent’s masteries?

About that, how does the Jinx trait really work? Does it halve mastery chance percentage, or the mastery numerical value?

If it’s the latter, then this trait is not very useful against high mastery opponents - which is where it’s needed the most.

Yes. The opponent’s masteries would be cut 4 times, multiplicatively. I’d offer an assumed percentage, but then someone more mathematically inclined would come in and shame my basics-practiced family.


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Wait, that would make Jinx not reduce chance by half then. Half of someone with 200 mastery for 56% would be reduced to around 45% at 100 mastery.

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The text for Jinx says “Halve enemy Gem Masteries”, not “Halve enemy surge chance”. The words and implementation seem consistent to me.

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This is correct. If you’d like to further reduce it, two troops with Jinx would bring 200 down to 50.
(Which is about 33% mana surge.)

The main issue I see with that is it penalizes lower leveled players more than higher leveled players. A player being Jinx’d at 50 mastery down to 25 will lose more surge chance than a player going from 200 to 100.

I imagine that’s a pretty rare occurrence considering Jinx is a rank 2 trait minimal. And the match making system keeps <100 players within a 50 level difference, so surge chance will be close enough anyways that the difference isn’t overly harsh.

There as to be some advantages to being a high level player…

I don’t mind, especially since one of my masteries is over 100 higher than all the others. It makes a focus like that better than distributing it out evenly when it comes to a focused team that is built around and coincides with the color.

I just find the concept to be slightly misleading. It won’t matter too much though; I’m sure the devs will eventually add a legend with a trait that prevents the opponent’s mana surges. That may even be The Silent One’s 3rd trait.