Jinx does it work at all?

I struggle to see the different running a deck with a jinx troop or without. It seems for me that the CPU get likely as many mana sources eventho Im using Jinx that should halve the masteries and the chances for mana sources for CPU.

Do any other experience this?

It was claimed before that Jinx does not halve surge chance, it halves the masteries themselves, which have diminishing value, so if someone had 60% surge chance and his masteries were halved, the surge chance will only go down to 50% or so.


A little confused here…

If it halves the masteries it also means that the mana source should be halved? Since the masteries of each color define the % chance of getting mana source. Correct me if I am wrong. So Jinx doesnt do what it says then?

Here is the graph. Surges are based on a logarithmic basis with Masteries, so Jinx is almost worthless. I ran a team with 3xJinx, and it still seemed to do so little as to not be worth running.


Sorry, but not in a mood for math and logarithmics now. I just think that the trait is misguided then it says clearly that it will halve the masteries of the CPU.

Also I have noticed that when the AI has a troop or troops with the trait I
get very few surges, but when I use it the AI still gets about the same.

Wasted 8 arcanes on that slime…

It’s pretty much like this.
Pretend you have zero masteries.
When you match 3 brown gems, you will get 3 brown mana. With zero masteries, you have 0% chance to surge.

Now, pretend you have 10 masteries, and match 3 brown gems. You will still get 3 brown mana.
But for every ten times (or so), one time you will get a mana surge. This means you double your mana, getting 6 brown mana.

Now pretend you have 100 masteries.
This does not mean you get 100% mana surge, that would be way too strong.
So the design team made the code so that the higher you go in mastery, the less you get in % chance to surge.

Let’s pretend that at 100 masteries, you get 60% chance for a mana surge.
That’s still pretty good. Every ten times you match 3 brown gems, six times you will get double mana.

Now, let’s pretend that you have 100 masteries, you get 60% chance to mana surge, but the opponent has Jinx.
It does NOT cut your 60% in half. It cuts your “100” in half, back to 50.
It works as if you have 50 in masteries. But at 50, you still get a pretty good chance to mana surge, probably about 45% chance.

So even though jinx cuts your masteries in half, it only cuts your chance to mana surge down by 15%.
(In this pretend example.)

In my last example, let’s pretend that you have a jinx on your team and the opponent has jinx on his team.
On your team, you have 100 masteries. But on his team, he has 200 masteries.
Originally, 200 masteries would give a really good chance, maybe around 70%! (Remember, this is not exact numbers, it’s just giving you a rough idea how this works)
But when it cuts back to 100 masteries, he still gets 60%.
However, when your 100 masteries gets cut back to 50, you lose more than he does.

The bigger your mastery value, the less impact of jinx.

There’s 2 more things you have to keep in mind.

  1. You can never get mana surge on 4 of a kind. So if you get a lot of these, you will not get a lot of mana surges, compared to someone who always chooses 3 of a kind.
  2. You always get mana surge on five of a kind. So if the opponent gets lots of these, he will get lots of mana surges for free, no matter if you have jinx or not.

I know that was a lot of words, but I hope it helped.


What blue said.

Short version, you get diminishing returns on your masteries. Jinx lowers the masteries. This lowers surge chance by a correspondingly smaller amount than the masteries themselves.

This, on the other hand, is wrong as far as I know. I’m completely sure I’ve gotten 7 mana from doing 4-of-a-kind matches (3*2 + 1).

Thanks for your replies. But why do it halves mine chances for mana sources when CPU has one or more troops with Jinx? Shouldnt it be equal, for both CPU and Human.

That would be true only if surge chance went up linearly with mastery. It does not.

Diminishing returns means as mastery goes up, the surge chance you get per mastery gets smaller.

Actual data: 126 mastery = 48% surge chance. 252 mastery = 71% surge chance.

I think the surge chance is now capped at 60%, or that’s what the level 1000 players have told me that are in my guild.

So why isnt the same rule for the CPU, it seems like the jinx is working when CPU has it, I barely get any mana sources at all when CPU has it. Well, I think the Jinx trait definition should be changed somehow, most players dont even know this. This is quite undercover.

I never have, and I’ve been watching for months. MONTHS.
And then my friend told me he’d been seeing the same pattern.
I believe it to be true, unless I get an official response saying otherwise.
Or video evidence. Or I see it and admit that I am wrong.
But that’s the exhaustive list :smiley:

It is the same rule, but if they have extremely high masteries, you won’t even notice the difference.
If you have low masteries, you’ll notice a huge difference.

@bluebehir I see 4 of a kind generating 7 mana on a mana surge routinely.

Maybe what you’re looking for is the literal words “Mana Surge”? Those words don’t appear because it says “Extra Turn” instead. When you do four of a kind matches, look where it’s going to go and calculate how much mana will arrive there (4+traits). Sometimes it will be 7+traits.

That’s true, when I use two fully traited Molochs on my team and use the red banner I get 7 mana from all three red gem matches, w/o any surges, with surges I get 10.

Its not the same, blue. I struggle to get mana sources when one enemy troop has Jinx…

The same thing with agile, computer get it quite often even if its just 20%, humans barely get agile.