Team Mastery: how effective is it really?

Quick question - just how effective is the colour theming bonus?

Does it give you a substantial bonus for matching that colour per match (compound effect?) or is it just adding on to the mastery of that colour in total (ie. hero mastery?)

In practice it seems to be helpful, or that could be wishful thinking on my part.

Thanks to anyone who is able to comment.

Hmmm, I too, would like to know.

It adds (or at least should add based on the description) to the Mana Mastery.
It’s diminishing returns. The higher Mastery you already have the less it will matter. If you have very low mastery it can increase Mana Surge chance by more than 10 percent points. If it’s high - you won’t notice any difference. The precise formula was on the forum some time ago, I think it hasn’t changed since:


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
This figures out to add about 1% for me, lol