Change the transform color of Doomed Crossbow from Blue to any other color!

Yay! Another one of “those” threads where the player pretends to know whats best! Right?

Seriously though, color transformations to Doomskulls is a rarity as it seems to be associated solely with the Dhrak-Zum kingdom.

Color Transformation:

Red to Doomskull: Glaycion
Skulls to Doomskull: Slayer Ghost
Blue to Doomskull: King Bloodhammer

Guess what color King Bloodhammer is? Red/Brown. What color is Doomed Crossbow? Red. Both turn Blue to Doomskull. That overlap is unnecessary.

Best of all?

Red color’s color to skull converters are heavily underrepresented in a bad way.

King Bloodhammer: Blue to Doomskulls
Doomed Crossbow: Blue to Doomskulls
Sekhma: Blue to Skulls, Brown to Yellow
(I don’t count Sheggra or Courage due to randomness of their casts)

and that’s it.

Solution: Swap Doomed Crossbow’s Blue to Doomskulls to the Doomed Scythe. . Purple doesn’t need another Yellow to Skull combination (Alderfather, Nimue, Xerodar) but would be fine with another Blue to Skulls (Sekhma)- Doomskulls in this case. Only thing Purple is missing is Brown to Skulls anyways.

I get that its hard to create new troops when there’s 600+ troops, but there’s still so much wiggle room in these color converters that constant overlap in functionality like this don’t need to be happening…


It’s a theme. Every doomed weapon in this set converts a color to doomskulls. If this were changed, someone would make the same thread about how it’s dumb the Doomed Crossbow is the only doomed weapon that doesn’t have the same effect. Alternate scenario: the thread would be about how it’s dumb it overlaps with another Doomed Weapon.

The smarter argument here is to argue for changing the troops. I’m working on a tool to help figure out the answer to questions like, “How many troops convert X to Y?” but it’s not anything near ready yet. Notable, though: we were happy with King Bloodhammer before this Crossbow existed, and you didn’t complain that Glaycion overlaps with Doomed Blade for some reason.


I just want it changed to Transform Brown gems to Doomskulls instead of blue. I’m unaware of a single weapon or troop that does that as it’s cast.

Doomed Glaive will.

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Yeah, I didn’t say to get rid of the entire effect. I said to chance the transformation color.

I even gave a logical choice. Change Doomed Crossbow Blue to Doomskulls to Yellow to Doomskulls
(and without stating it directly Doomed Glaive should be changed from Yellow to Doomskulls to Blue to Doomskulls).

Glaycion is Brown/Purple troop
Doomed Blade is a Blue weapon

There’s 6 Doomed weapons, 1 for each color weapon, each having a different color transformation.

Once again, my problem is

King Bloodhammer is Red/Brown
Doomed Crossbow is Red

Literally any other color would have been fine.

Really not that hard using the in-game filters.

Yeah, I would love more Brown to skulls/doomskulls, but there’s a cycle going for these weapons so they all can’t be Brown to Doomskulls.

It’s not that hard to create things without overlaps even considering GoW’s simplicity and low number of variables.

It’s hard because the devs are never doing this kind of work the right way, they are always using a band-aid here, some silver tape there, maybe this thing can hold with a piece of bubblegum…

It can be challenging to create something entirely new when you consider coding, but organizing the current troops by sets of rarity, kingdom, theme/effects and detect the huge discrepancies crossing the references you want is like managing a collection of Magic the Gathering or other CCG you fancy.

It’s not explicitly designed for this purpose but you can achieve an approximation of this by using my troops table filters.

All converters from blue:

All converters to brown:

All converters from blue to brown: (But this looks to be bugged, I’ll need to investigate why long filters are borked)

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