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Need Brown Team Suggestions

I have a team for every color that usually wins by 2nd round (not turn, but Round) this is possible b/c starting out w/ a FULL mana team member can make a match and start linking and w/ 2 trans/ members and a doom weapon its not hard to wipe the opposition. i have a set up for every monocolor team, except stupid brown. now w/ the Daughter of Ice… its possible to make a “decent” team, sadly glaycion uses purple/brown instead of blue/brown. and there arent any effective brown/blue trans/converters to help cycle w/ daughter of ice.
SO in short does anyone have a solid brown team suggestion for guild wars?

People probably won’t be inclined to help their opposition perform better, especially against themselves :wink:

But I will say, if you’re committed to Daughter of Ice (not a bad choice) and like Glaycion (a great troop), what you still need are troops that use blue, or don’t care about the red and yellow that are going to get converted away, can otherwise use blue to their advantage, or all of the above.

King Bloodhammer makes blue into doomskulls and has long been the go-to pairing with Glaycion.

That leaves the Hero up to you. Bronzelock Pistol would be my personal choice, for the blue usage and mana generation.

Good luck—and please, if you play on Xbox, go easy on any Unforgiven members you might encounter in the wars to come :joy:

Maybe if you shared screenshots of your teams, others may be inclined to share theirs… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue::vulcan_salute:

What magnesium said : Glacion BloodHammer add Cockatrice Titan :white_check_mark:
Now it’s up to you :v: