Change the Pet named Wimp to Lil Fiend

Today we got the pet rescue Wimp, a demon that smiles. And i said a devil with the name Wimp is crazy! And there is like 20 other names that means demon, why did they choose Wimp? And one of our teammates named redcountess99 explained saying. I think the reason why they named it that is because like many of the other pets, it is smaller/ younger version of its class; like Giantini. But yes, it’s a silly name and something like Lil Fiend would have been better. There you have it everyone “Lil Fiend” it’s a brilliant name for the pet to have so please change the pets name to Lil Fiend. You can look it up Fiend means a evil spirit or demon. :grinning:

It’s more a play of words with the words “Imp” and “Wimpy”.


Yeah, pet names tend to be puns derived from whatever other monster they are based on (if any).