The right meaning


i must say that i truly like this game and i love how there are many characters and types but i came across one tiny problem that i find really bothering…

you didn’t use the term 'daemon" correctly. In the game you come across monster types called “daemons” but the word daemon that comes from ancient Greece means “good spirit” and some monsters are visibly not good spirits, so the term “demon” would be better for them, because this word means “bad spirit”. There are more differences between the two words but that’s the biggest one.

I hope you understand me and that you can do something about this.

The more we know the better

I am new playing one Thema mobail now Nott on a ps4 and a Xbox One . So going a kittel bitt slovli IF ju al Anderstand.

I get what you’re saying…but this is Krystara, not Greece. It clearly means something different in Krystara.

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yeah good point actually. I’m just overthinking everything

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