Show Off Your GoW Pet Names!


I’m curious how many people are naming pets after their guildmates. :smiley: Also, I’m curious if people have a naming strategy for them.

So far, I have two named after guildmates: Eika and Evolving Beast. (Plus, I have some already planned for pets that I don’t own yet. :P) I also have one named for my cat, Capone. All the rest are movie references.

:rabbit: So what did you name your new Snow Bunny?

The only real “theme” to mine is Pop Culture. I plan on naming all my pets after something from a show, movie, video game, etc that I think fits them (either as their pet type or specific looks)

For example, with the hat and dark fur, I thought of witches and the cat from Sabrina for Lucky. So, I named him Salem (the cat’s name in the series) Bakay (the last name of the actor who voiced him).

With the Snow Bunny, I wanted to go with a humanoid rabbit (think Bugs or Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes). I settled on King Kazma, which is a reference to the Anime movie, Summer Wars. That’s the name of one of the charscters avatars and he looks like a Rabbit.


I name them after Overwatch characters that somehow remind me them~~

Brigitte - she has ginger hair, just like Falabella, and looks innocent, just like Brigitte xD
McCree - because… of colours maybe? And we don’t have a Jackal, so fox-thing is a nice replacement
Ana Amari - because of her Owl skin. Also wanted the name to be only Ana but it forces name to have 4 characters lenght ;__;
Reaper - no comment needed. Just look at him!
Mercy - because of her Witch skin
Torbjorn - that one was hard to chose. But eventually I name magmapillar Torbjorn, because of Molten Core Torbjorn uses.
Reinhardt - because he fires fire from his hammer :v
Roadhog - just… look at him. It could be his long lost son!
Junkrat - I like snakes, but this one looks filthy and sly just like Junkrat xD And colours match to him too!
D.Va - because she rides a mech which is a bunny (kind of)

I will update this post when I get more pets ^^

Also pinging @Elarcadia because you were curcious how I will name the rest :smiley:


Love it so far!! Minfernus is spot on for Reinhardt, his face even reminds me of his helmet haha!


Those are cool naming conventions. :smiley:

For Lucky, I considered naming him after “Blair”, a cat that transforms into a witch from the anime “Soul Eater”. But, I couldn’t resist naming him after my real life black cat. :sweat_smile:

Blair is the cat with the hat. :smiley_cat:


And the other one is Yoruichi :blush:


My Theme is forum personalities lol


and just for fun


and lunch



A mixture of RL pets, and fictional characters from literature, movies, anime, cartoons, videogames, and just “say what you see”


Everyone naming the tree pet after eika is just to funny



Just humor bro … just humor


But… why? What IS Eika? :smiley: (despite being a user here of course)



Eika means The Oak on Norwegian. I was just kidding @DEMONorANGEL , I called mine Eiko. Whiskey jack copied it :wink:


I thought of Salem from Sabrina, but couldn’t think of Blair. Worse yet, I named the Bunny after an anime character. But, couldn’t think of another anime character


Oooo… I love Archimedes as a name for the Griffling. :heart_eyes_cat:


Don’t feel bad. I forgot about “Yoruichi”, which is another one of my fav person to cat anime transformers. There is just too many pop culture/anime references to remember. :sweat_smile:



One pet name im overly happy with! :slight_smile:




Yours gave me a good laugh, especially Keith, Leary and Charizard OMGBBQ. :rofl:

You were wrong for “ALF’s snack” though. :stuck_out_tongue: (Poor kitty!)