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🐰 So what did you name your new Snow Bunny?


I know not many will know the reference, but it’s a name of the girl from my avatar~~ She is a mech pilot which looks like a bunny! (kind of)


I named mine Matrix from the follow the white rabbit scene… even sits on your shoulder just like in the movie. :rabbit:


Mine bunny called “Fan of carrots” … Its simple :slight_smile:

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Love that one :heart_eyes_cat:

I FINALLY GOT MY SNOW BUNNY and he is officially Bunnicula. He joins Oona the Feyrie, Elilas the Grimlet, Salem the Lucky, Drumbel the Ogrikin, Buttercup the Tinycorn and Swampthingy the Trogpole.

My digital menagerie is off to a good start! Also, my inner 10-year-old who was obsessed with Neopets is way too excited about this new addition haha :laughing:


My rabbit was named ‘Obi-Bun Kenobi’ and Lucky ‘Hairy Potter’

I’m going to have a lot of fun naming these that’s for sure.


You should name them after neopets they look like :’)

You should name all your future pets after Overwatch characters! I would like to see what pets you match with which names haha :slight_smile: .

Darnit! Rickrolled. :joy:

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Just saying… Cybunny looks a lot like snow bunny.



I was thinking about that actually :smiley: But so far I have only three ^_^; Lucky, Minifernus and Bunny~~


Oh man, so true!!!

I love the name Minifernus!!!

Oh, so it’s not his real name? I named it here like that because I thought it IS his name, at least I thought I remember good name xD

edit: wait… it is its real name.

edit2: Ah! I missed the “i”! It’s Minfernus, not Minifernus… okay, that makes sense now :smiley:

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I don’t think so much in the name so I go with the first it has

Conejico de Nieve


Scooping up the Field Mice and bopping them on the head!

(I named mine Foo-Foo too. Pity it doesn’t have the ability to transform into a Ghoul… :smiley: )

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Kyouka after the author Izumi Kyouka who loved rabbits :smile:

Hey a rare sighting of an Overwatch fan xD I don’t play but know someone who does. I can’t stop making jokes about Mercy being too powerful

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You know, I’m surprised there’s not a general “Pet Name” thread, other than this one. At least, not that I’ve seen. Haha.

Great idea! I just made one: Show Off Your GoW Pet Names!


Bunny McBunface