🐰 So what did you name your new Snow Bunny?


Given what I see in PVP right now, everyone got a Snow Bunny and it wasn’t just me being lucky. That makes me very happy (especially since the devs chose to honor the best of all animals instead of caring for their income, since obviously now no one needs any other pet anymore and stops caring about pet event shops)!

So this obviously triggers the most important question which deserves its own thread because we clearly have no other, pressing issues: What did you name your new Snow Bunny?

Mine is (for now) named “Sniffy”.:blush:


I didn’t get a Snow Bunny :thinking:


WHAT! THE HORROR!:scream: Did you log in after reset already? You should have gotten one from the new login calendar!


Yeah I’ve already logged in after reset. I got the usual log in rewards, nothing about any bunny I’m afraid.

This thread is to talk about bunny names though, which I do not have. I’ll not derail further.

For the record, if I’d have received a bunny it would be called Poppy as that was the name of my first and only rabbit.


Honestly that’s really weird and I would file a bug report in this case. The bunny (or at least another pet) should arrive in the mail and it should be displayed after login.

That said, I think Poppy is a wonderful name for a bunny, be it a real bunny or a virtual one!:blush:
Also sad that you had a bunny that has passed away by now. :frowning: Bunnies should live forever!


Mine’s called Sheba. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine too. (good name for a bunny) :smiley:


:flushed: Gosh, you guys.:rofl::relaxed: Not sure if honored, embarrassed, mildly disturbed or all-around pleased that my reputation reached such a point.:laughing:


I named mine Darko.


Snowflake! :+1:


The Lagomorph of Caerbannog. Caerbannog for short.


Truffles, named after my favourite pet bunny from when I was growing up. She thought she was a dog :sweat_smile:

I’m more stuck on what to name my mini maw…


Here’s my snow bunny.
Only one name seemed appropriate!



I named mine Thumper (a Dune reference). :smiley:


:flushed: All the devs naming their bunnies after me…:joy: Oh goshhhh… I really have a reputation, don’t I?

That said, I love everyone’s bunny names here! (No matter if they are named after me or not!:kissing_heart:)


That’s why mine is named Sheba as well


Mine’s called Snow Bunny.


At this point, I wonder why the Snow Bunny was chosen as the free pet.:flushed: If all the devs name their bunnies after me, I start to feel important enough to believe that the bunny was picked because of me.
…Conclusion: People shouldn’t make me feel important, I get weird ideas.:see_no_evil:

Duuuuude… that’s totally acceptable, but not very imaginative. :wink: Use your imagination!


Me too! (10 char)


As did I. Only mine was part reference to bambi, part because my mom referred to me as thumper when she was pregnant cuz i was a nonstop kicker.

The rest i’m saving until my son gets home from school, he’s been super excited for pets. He’s 6 and he either wants to put fire in every name or make them ridiculously cheesy, so this should be interesting.