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Change Talents from the battle prep screen

This is what the battle prep screen currently looks like, when selecting the Hero:

This is what selecting “Edit Teams…” and then selecting the Hero looks like:

This is what selecting the Hero on the battle prep screen could look like(!!!):

Or go crazy(!):

  • You could even select the “Equipped Medals” tooltip in the top-left to access the Medals menu. Crazy!!

  • When(!) Storm affixes become separately attachable to Weapons instead of being part of the upgrade system, you could change them out or turn them on/off using the “Weapon” button in the middle!

While this doesn’t solve all the issues that have been wanted to be addressed by saving Talents to team slots, in paticular GW defence teams, it eases or lessens a little bit of the annoyance of having to click 4 times in different spots on “Edit Teams…” (+ loading time) > Hero > “Class” > “Talents”.

  • Instead, this would be changed to Hero > “Talents” (loading? Maybe only on the way out like with Medals? Idk).

Yw/Glhf/Your move