Change Storms from "Summon" to "Call Forth"

Instead of “Summon a Bonestorm” it could be “Call Forth a Bonestorm” or “Invoke a Bonestorm”, etc

Summoning is for creatures, and they get all jumbled when I’m trying to Search for “summon” while I theorycraft.



Even ‘create a storm’ would work…

“Create” would just cause the search results to become more convoluted because of the number of Troops that “Create” Gems / Skulls etc

We need a unique word IMO


Fair enough. I like ‘invoke’ best.


“Storm up a Bonestorm that storms the board with skulls for as long as it storms. Storms storms storms.”


Just wanting to add that I lol’d

And separate the language when it comes to inflicting or resisting a status, and make it consistent (eg., freeze/frozen is almost there referring to “freeze” for inflicting the status for all but a couple troops and “frozen” when resisting it, but no other status is). And make the language regarding taking damage consistent on whether or not it needs to be damage to life. And “dealing skull damage” vs “doing skull damage” vs “on skull damage” (along with some better documentation on the rules that surround them). And “transform” needs disambiguation (gem “transform” is called “convert” on troops that both “transform” troops and “transform” gems on the board). Basically, all spells and traits need a description pass to better allow for keyword filtering and better convey what they are supposed to do.

A way to restrict your keyword search to a certain field would also be enormously helpful, like you can do on @Lyya’s site (eg., desc:poison gives you troops that mention poision in their spell description and weeds out all the immunities which includes nearly every single dwarf and undead troop you don’t want when looking for poison synergy troops) and a way to search nonconsecutive keywords using AND or OR modifiers and across multiple fields at a time would be ideal.

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I’m sure it’s on their list, somewhere between “27 scores in Guild Wars” and “change how event keys work”.

What about, ‘Start a Bonestorm’?
English is not my best language, but this looks good I think.

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A search for “start” will bring up every Fast, Swift, or Empowered troop in the game. “Invoke” currently returns no troops at all.

Edit: to be fair, “storm” pretty much exclusively brings up troops that create elemental storms. Just Dragotaur, Jotnar, and Maw as extras in that list, I think.


good point.

I imagine the issue is less that there’s no way to search for troops that create storms (there is), and more that there’s no way to search for troops that summon other troops without getting storm creators in the list.


One of the other issues I see when trying to find an active summoner for your team is all the troops that come up that have a chance to summon something else when they die.

1 Like will work if you’re willing to use an external site.

True, Lyya. And I do (frequently) utilize your site for many things, in part because the in game tools just aren’t as friendly for many functions. Of all the things I have to go to your site for, however, team building filters and tools is the one I most wish was improved inside the game itself. :slight_smile:

“Raise” and “invoke” currently turn up no results when input as search terms, and use no more characters than “summon”.

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Oh, I agree - team building and organization should be golden path scenarios and they feel anemic in comparison to their relative importance. It’s hard to have fun experimenting in the game when you constantly feel like you’re fighting the tools instead of using them.


conjure or invoke