Bonestorm anyone?

Can someone help me out? Looked all around for an explanation of these storms
and the search doesn’t find any explanation of it. Any help would be appreciated

Tacet the terror has a video on YouTube about it. He has many videos actually that I find helpful.

It says what it does in the help text when you pull up Necrezza’s spell: “Skull gems fall more than other colors”. Storms increase the chance of a specific gem falling.


It is a means by which to increase the “luck” factor but be warned:
It lasts for 8 turns, 4 for you… and 4 for the AI.

So, they are a double-edged sword. :wink:

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Not really even that.

Casting the spell takes up one of your turns, so in reality you get 3 turns and the AI gets 4.

As it stands, the storms just seem bad. The amounts of extra gems of the specific type doesn’t seem to be that much more, and the AI benefits from it more than you.


Try the patch notes

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One of the best ways to utilise storms is to have a gem destroyer on your team. This means that more gems will drop during your turn, increasing the likelihood for you to gain extra turns and fill your troops.


I read the description, but then when I used it, it didn’t seem to do much at all, so I thought I might have misunderstood it. Thanks mates

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Sure, gem destroy/exploders are great. Last week I played a LOT of a team that did nothing but explode the board each turn.

But the likelihood of the specific gems to drop into a 4/5 match and give an extra turn is MUCH lower than for them to drop into idea positions for the enemy. It is easier to get gems into a near 4/5 match than it is to get exactly a 4/5 match.

I like the idea of the storms, but the fact that you are giving initiative to the enemy by casting the spell to trigger the storm, and giving him an extra turn of storm as well, just isn’t worth the effect.

Best way I could see a storm be implemented would be for a storm to be triggered by another troop casting that color spell.


Or simply it have it last 9 turns…

Can I get clarification on the turns @Saltypatra?

This is how I understand it to work:
Turn 0- Cast the Storm
Turn 1- AI move (gain from T1 cascades)
Turn 2- P move (gain from T1 setup & T2 cascades)
Turn 3- AI move (gain from T2 setup & T3 cascades)
Turn 4- P move (gain from T3 setup & T4 cascades)
Turn 5- AI move (gain from T4 setup & T5 cascades)
Turn 6- P move (gain from T5 setup & T6 cascades)
Turn 7- AI move (gain from T6 setup & T7 cascades)
Turn 8- P move (gain from T7 setup & T8 cascades)
Turn 9- AI move (gain from T8 setup, Storm ends)

If I am correct then you can see that The player gets 4 turns each with two opportunities to benefit.
The AI gets 5 turns of benefit but only 3 of those are double. Providing 8 benefits to each party. Though some might argue that because of the nature of RNG the extra turn is more valuable.

If however it is as follows:

Turn 1- Cast the Storm
Turn 2- AI move (gain from T2 cascades)
Turn 3- P move (gain from T2 setup & T3cascades)
Turn 4- AI move (gain from T3 setup & T4 cascades)
Turn 5- P move (gain from T4 setup & T5 cascades)
Turn 6- AI move (gain from T5 setup & T6 cascades)
Turn 7- P move (gain from T6 setup & T7 cascades)
Turn 8- AI move (gain from T7 setup & T8 cascades)
Turn 9- P move (gain from T8 setup, Storm Ends)

Then both player and AI are reduced to only 7 beneficial opportunities over 4 turns each. More equitable and gives the player the last laugh if you will on the 9th turn after the AI “hopefully” sets up the board for them.

Not sure which is correct, now I want to know… :thinking:

Sorry for wall of text!! :wink:

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I didn’t even notice a difference between having it up and not honestly. Underwhelming and in need of a buff. Either add a turn to the effect as others have outlined, or let the troop that is casting the storm have an extra turn after the cast.

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This is how I’ve currently observed the behaviour. The timer changes as the turn changes, so the AI should get the last benefit from the increased drops (though arguably the benefit is to the player since the board is passed to them after the drops occur. Also it’s not currently possible to get an extra turn from cascades or anything from casting a storm, (none of the current storm spells affect gems in any way as part of the spell cast)

Turn 0 - Cast. Timer shows 8.
Turn 1 - AI. Timer shows 7.
Turn 2 - Player. Timer shows 6.
Turn 3 - AI. Timer shows 5.
Turn 4 - Player. Timer shows 4.
Turn 5 - AI. Timer shows 3.
Turn 6 - Player. Timer shows 2.
Turn 7 - AI. Timer shows 1.
Turn 8 - Player. Storm ends.

Not sure if that helps or not?

Also I plan to run some stats on gem drop chances with and without storms later today, but need to get some assignment work done first.


Just don’t use it mindlessly, have your troops ready to go and profit from the storm as much as possible before you fire it, and it is fine. The Ai will never get anywhere close to the same benefit of your storms that you do, unless you terribly mistime them.
Judging from the manacost of the GW troops, storms don’t seem to be heavy on manacost either. So expecting something close to guaranteed extraturns from storms on every explosion/transformation is insane. Storms are a subtle way to influence gem drops in your favour, that is all.


So after a little bit of experimenting. Seems to work well as a skull booster. I’ve been firing it off right before, Sheggra, Bone Dragon keeper of Souls Etc, and it works fairly well at extending the Cascade. Now just to see overtime if it’s worth losing my other 4th troop.

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Tried Nyx with Gorgotha, exploding 20 gems each time (so practically clearing the board). Fired Nyx, then in the next Gorgotha, watching new gems dropping. I found the number of skulls dropping below expectations. I would expect to deal some serious damage with the dropping skulls, but more than one or two three-matches were seldom. And the thing is, there were always enough skulls left te give the AI the chance to retaliate properly.

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Yeah it is underwhelming but that’s why I fired it off with skull creators so at least the next drops will land on a bit of skulls, as opposed to a full clear like Gorgotha. Maybe see how Carnex or one of the Guardians works with it

But the spell explanation says skulls dropping more than other colours. So I would expect skulls dropping more than other colours, even without skull creators. :slight_smile:

And they do, it is just a subtle difference and also still rng.

I should have added the word ‘significantly’ to that. :slight_smile:

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