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Change pvp redraw cost

So a big issue bugging many players at all levels seems to lack of variety in pvp opponents… For top tier it’s maws and mabs, for others it’s still as ever goblins…

One small thing that’d help people deal with this would be to change or remove the cost to reroll pvp opponents. At current cost of 1 gem it’s annoying as for most, gems are hard to come by, and are a premium currency… It also feels a bit like those horrendous pay to play energy mechanics…

I suggest this as good for the game, not especially to benefit me - I’m nice like that - I’m also not short of gems

@sirrian and company previously got rid of the gold cost to enter battle, a very smart move which I trust benefitted player numbers. This cost feels, to me, to be in the same boat.

My suggestions would be one or more of:

  • get rid of the cost completely
  • change cost to gold (constant amount)
  • change cost to gold (scales with level)
  • change cost to gold (increases with each use each day)
  • give a free redraw once per day, or per 2 hours
  • free redraw cooldown time to reduce with vip level


@sirrian @nimhain?


Play the easiest team, get a win in a few seconds, move onto the next?

I mean if all you get on the right is maw/mercy then wouldn’t pulling up a new set of opponents just give you another maw/mercy team so the net gain it what?


Maybe, but some players like to find different ‘hard’ challenges…

Also this (for once) wasn’t about me, but removing what seems a needless premium level of friction…

I agree completely that diversity of PvP opponents is a good thing and needs encouragement/incentives to improve.

However, I disagree completely with this idea. This will simply encourage more and more top players to pick the defence flavour of the week so they get completely avoided for invasion, resulting in even less diversity.

If you don’t want to pay 1 gem, there’s a simple way to re-roll: pick the easy battle, smash them with a quick kill team, and get a new three opponents.


I have to agree with actreal on this. Diversity needed, this is the wrong way to get it (and wouldn’t work), we can do the easy battle and move on.

Problem is, right now there are so many of the damn Maw or Mab teams that refreshing the options typically doesn’t accomplish much anything. Need to change things on a deeper level…


I don’t think the reroll cost was ever intended to be actually punitive – just a psychological deterrent to constantly rerolling until you get an easy opponent. It’s supposed to push you to challenge yourself, rather than take the easy but boring option that reward-seeking behavior pushes people towards, even when they know they won’t enjoy it.

Under the new system, they could have removed rerolling entirely, and it probably would have been fine. But they left it in for when all three options are just so unappealing that you’d rather not fight any of them.

Rerolling might mean you don’t have to fight the dominant meta defense, but it only encourages people to use that defense, because they’ll get skipped. It doesn’t put pressure on anyone to actually solve the problem, and could be frustrating for the player to sit there rerolling a dozen times or more each battle looking for something they want to fight. If you can effectively just pick your opponent, why put the player through a bunch of hassle to do it? Making it just cost time won’t deter most – they’ll just complain and do it anyway. But make it something precious, and they’ll have to make a real choice, a cost-benefit evaluation.

The short version is that letting the player avoid a problem isn’t the same as actually solving that problem. If there’s not enough variety among defense teams, letting people skip stuff they don’t like won’t solve it.


Clearly the real issue is a couple of OP troops. This would target a symptom and not the problem.

To all of the above: this was AS WELL AS sorting out the OP troops and meta/variety, not INSTEAD OF doing that…

I just don’t see why there has to be this friction cost in playing…

They’ve already addressed that. I don’t recall their response but I do recall it being reasonable. I encourage you to search :slight_smile:

To me, rerolling for 1 gem already feels dirt cheap, I’d even be okay with increasing the cost. We’ve got scouting to adequately prepare against anything our opponents might field. We’ve got the first move, and a far better understanding of game mechanics than the AI. I don’t believe we need the option to exclude any setup that looks like it would take longer than two minutes to beat, or offer less than a 95% chance to win against, just by paying a very tiny fraction of what we gain from the next, easier fight. I mean, what’s the point in PvP if you can, say, get a guaranteed match-up against 4 Fortress Gates for 250 gold every time?

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My old game we could refresh every 2 mins at no cost BUT it’s different then gems of wars cuz we had 10 wings max (10 entry in PvP) and wings would refresh every 30 mins with a daily task giving 3 wings… that causes RUSH HOUR on Sunday tho…

You could buy 10 wings with crystals (which is equivalent to diamonds in this game…)

I think the cost is fine. There are not a lot of things in this game that require gems so having another use for them seems like a good idea and it is not like when the reroll cost 10 or 5 gems in the beginning.

Redraw only helps if general diversity exists. More of the random draws will just pop more of the same maw/mab/goblin teams.

Also as long as defense loss is penalty to the defender a cheap game-hunting would potentially ruin a group of players using some different team and force toward a copycat one just to be left alone.

IOW the first step is to fix other aspects of the game.