Card unlock at the end of each quest of Kingdoms

Hi, I’m working hard to have the giant spider.

I just want to know if there’s a list of each card that the end of each kingdoms’ quest?

I really want the giant spider and maybe we can unlock it this way.

Thank you!

The card at the end of each kingdom is the epic that assists you with all the quests. For Khul’kari, it is Tyri.


Do you know if any have the giant spider?

No mate, as @Tacet was saying, the Giant Spider is from Zhul’Kari, and the epic that assists you is Tyri.

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Oh ok sorry I understand now. Thanks a lot for your answer!

No clue where a list would exist, but here is mine:

Adana: Sparkgrinder
Blighted Lands: Herald of Chaos
Broken Spire: Luther
Darkstone: Dimetraxia
Divinion Fields: Atlanta
Drifting Sands: Marid
Forest of Thorns: Rowanne
Ghulvania: Avina
Grosh’Nak: Dark Song
Karakoth: Ferit
Khaziel: Emperina
Kheatar: Alastair
Maugrim Woods: Scarlet
Mist of Scales: Raven
Pan’s Vale: Elwyn
Pride Lands: Finley
Stormheim: Keghammer
Sword’s Edge: Tau
Whitehelm: Lady Sapphira
Wild Plains: Sunweaver
Zaejin: Brian the Lucky
Zhul’kari: Tyri

Click “Show All” in the troop menu when checking a kingdom to see what those cards do.


Giant Spider can only be obtained as a random drop from glory and gem keys. It also drops in event keys during Zhul’kari events.


Wow thanks for the list!

@Tacet missing in your list:

Karakoth: Ferit

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Sorry, he is so weak that I overlooked him. xD

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is the list on the wiki?

I doubt it. If you know enough about wiki editing, you could make a Category for Questline Epics or some similar name.

If not, let me know and I’ll do it sometime. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’ve never edited a wiki. I’ve never been particularly knowledgable on any given subject, really.

Essentially all quest line epic rewards are the character you’ve been “interacting” with the whole way through the story (where “interacting” means “replying in one-word answers and sometimes just sarcastic ellipses”). As Giant Spider is, well, a giant spider, it isn’t a good fit for a conversation partner. Unless you are into webs, but that’s a whole separate thread* right there.

. * I’m sorry.**
. ** I’m totally not sorry.


I beg to differ, when I was starting out, the toughest troop in the questlines and challenges is the last troop. Ferit and Satyr helped immensely in dealing with them/holding them off while my other two guys dealt with the first guy (usually). Could be different with traits now, but I think Ferit is still worthy for beginning players.

The problem is how long ago that was. Yes, even I used Ferit back in the old meta when I started playing. There are many troops that can now outperform him. Most newer players would rather save their purple/brown traitstones and souls for Goblin Shaman.

Twas 1.06-07, I believe.

I didn’t say anything about traiting him (although I did level him up to 10, I believe), but I think it depends if the last troop is still the most “dangerous”, with all of the other troops in quests/challenges getting traits now. I went through the Blighted Kingdom and Sands kingdom with my current gobbo team so wasn’t paying attention, but for someone starting out, Ferit could still be an option. Especially since the keys don’t give the three troops anymore to “quickly” increase troop count.