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Can't get pet rewards! Very unfair!

So I logged in not too long ago and saw my guild had a pet event with 7 minutes left. It was the first I’ve seen so I was like sweet! I better start some battles. So after I beat the 5th battle (goblins for a mini maw) It said the event was over. So I go to get my rewards, and I CAN’T. BECAUSE THE EVENT IS OVER. WTF!!! No pet chance or foods for me. I GET NOTHING. Why can’t I get my rewards after its over?

OK actually got my rewards in the mail 30 minutes later. False alarm. Freaked me out that I thought I missed out. Was filling out a ticket with support even.


In honor of May the 4th


I have missed every pet event, because my Guildies are the other side of the world … so when they are active i am at work or in bed … wish they would change it to a hour to do from when you log in … even if you got less events, then you would get a chance to complete it.

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