Cancel delve chest upgrade animation

Since the last update we can now finally skip animation when collecting campaign tasks. But why we still have to waste precious seconds just to see the delve’s chest upgrade reward? Couldn’t care less about it being upgraded.


My little gripe here is that if the Delve chest animation has already started when you hit “Skip”, the animation actually restarts. So hitting the button too late is actually slower than not hitting it at all.

Having to collect and evolve medals after exploration is also an annoyance. I’m all for having an option to skip through of all of it. If you don’t want to skip you can still see the animation, but for those of us who would like to get through an animation we’ve seen hundreds of times, that’d be very welcome.

Don’t need to see the little animation for Stars earned when turning in a campaign task either. Especially when that tends to trigger an extra 30 seconds of waiting and watching gems spinning during lag time right after a reset.

its not ‘remove’ suggestion, but skip

And the “Congratulations, you have unlocked the Mini Boss Battle” notification could be removed entirely.

A lot of apps have a “skip/don’t show this next time” option on dialogs that are known to pop up frequently … why can’t Gems of War?