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Skip treasure map end animations

This is a request for a QoL change. The game has a setting for 4x animation, so this (speeding things up) has a precedent.
In fact, tapping furiously on the screen sometimes but not consistently speeds up the animations, instead of waiting a second between each phase (coins>bags>red box>green chest>red chest>vault).
I would love a setting to always skip/speed up the end phase of treasure maps.

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Someone is actually farming TH :rofl:

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Used to do it once or twice per tribute. Doing it far more now in lieu of explore/PvP due to the Arena changes. The additional offers (2.5x previous rate) is causing some real gem drain…

i’m also farming them for some time already :stuck_out_tongue: . only reliable way to “farm” gems, other than waiting for tributes to pop up…

FYI flagged for deletion a day ago.
Not worth bothering the devs after I figured you can just tap repetitively in the 8x8 board area to quicken the TH end phase.

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