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How to lose your Christmas Bonuses

Hope it was worth it trolls…drrr…I mean, “Campaign designers”


Absolutely the worst campaign task selection so far. Okay 3 x 90 delve means 3 x 500 delves for many, but at least you can prepare for that in the preceding week by opening delves and leaving them unfinished so you have more chances. Many folks hate delve, me included so its a blatant effort to make you overspend in Tuesdays event or spend 100 gems to skip. Then we get triple treasure hunt for another 100 gem skip penalty. Another (largely) hated game mode that was once removed only to be reintroduced with contempt in campaign. This will take me hours of dissatisfying game engagement. There is a reason I don’t have or pursue the dbl vault achievement but u ain’t getting a single gem from me to skip. You have planned this to encourage gem sink, knowing full well that most players are gonna start their weekly gems and feel despondent by the end of day one. Brilliant appreciation of loyal players yet again. Oh and wait until you see the hilarious bug infested video my guild mate is posting that’s beyond belief. Arboreal crystal summoning mistralus for the enemy team and a whole lot more. Working as intended no doubt

And of course, lower guilds have fewer turns which makes the task particularly unfair on them.

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The server even tried to commit suicide when it realized it was supposed to run a triple Treasure Hunt task. The revival process took almost an hour. :worried:


I sometimes wonder if an actual person is the one deciding all the challenges in the campaign or the scoring system in world events or if it’s some sort of algorithm. Seems like boring, repetitive work having to decide for each week.

Get drunk and 505 looks remarkably like SOS.

Overreact much? The 3 delves took me about 10 mins total and so did the T hunts. Yes, these are 2 of the most annoying challenges but seriously it’s not that bad.

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You mean, worst RNG roll ?

with almost 100% certanity it’s not manual pick. Set of tasks is genereted from pre-defined lists… only troops are adjusted to match this week kingdom (which can also be scripted)

My wild guess would be, that only manual work is when new tasks are added to the lists (if any)

The bit I don’t understand, and apologies if this is considered off-topic, is how did a five week rotation become six weeks? Okay, they added arena, so what used to be Delve, Invasion, Raid, Gnome, and Cosmetic Pet (sometimes) became six with Arena, but then the Cosmetics showed up on Gnome and Arena, so…I don’t understand.

 Delve gets an 8 week interval (allegedly) to avoid Xmas and New Year
 Cosmetic was set to appear during Gnome until the community points out the conflict
 Another Cosmetic is set to appear during Arena (allegedly)

If the stupid weekends, which already overburden some players working on Campaign, World Events and/or GW, are going to double up with Cosmetics anyway, then why stretch from 5 to 6 (to 8) to begin with. I’m not the brightest, but I seriously don’t understand their thinking at all.

Someone had to make the dice before they can be rolled by the cpu. And that man or woman deserves coal for Christmas.

It’s definitely off topic.
But also add to your wonders.
When are we getting the world events that are also guild event leaderboards instead of just individual. Since we accused that ToD moving to every 10 weeks instead of every 4 weeks was a gem nerf. And we were told… That wasn’t the case. Well… We were told bull shit.


Then I propose that people should not lose their year-end bonus. It should merely be modified, to a swift kick in the pants, for confusing me.

Thanks for reminding me that ToD is now on an 11 week rotation, except for that first time, when it was 12 weeks in between.

I agree, saying hours is a bit hyperbolic there. However, the sentiment of resentment at being steered into game modes that most feel need some serious love (treasure hunt, arena) or modes where an end gamer has to do a level 500 to be level 80+ (de;ves), I can also understand.

I like the campaigns, over all. But my highest delve is in the 200s. While I do not like the new arena, I actually liked the old one and for campaign purposes it’s close enough for jazz. Treasure hunt task bothers me a little bit more only because 3 at 60+. I never play that mode. Ever. I did when I was new. But now, bleh. It’s not hard, but if the rng is hating on you, I can see having to do 6 runs to get 3 at 60+.

No big deal. Except, if you find it not fun, then you get resentful. I’m an achiever type and a completionist type. I have plenty of gems but I don’t use them to skip things. So I play the modes that I find epically bad (it’s a thing, it’s personal fun! I loved the old arena and people thought I was nuts… so I know some people just love the treasure hunt. I’m not one of those people) because I want the legit W.

But playing modes you hate is not fun. It’s tedious or annoying. Everyone loves and hates different things in this great game. But it’s no secret that treasure hunt and arena are at the bottom for a large amount of players. So maybe keep them in the tasks but be mindful of the amounts of wins needed?

And for the delves, maybe be mindful of the rules of delves and top that out at 50 or limit it to 1 delve. People are not asking for the moon. They just want to have only fun, while playing a game. Jobs are work… games are fun.


@Fleg. 10 minutes? Nice work. Remind me to invalidate your future numerous complaints.

Delves took less than 10 minutes on 500 delves for that task. Super easy. Went shield/rowanne/megavore/thrall. Actually 10 min might have been too long since It was boss room runs and 30 second battles. So probably 7 or 8? Treasure was about 7 runs to get 60 on 3. I didn’t time the runs but I’m sure they were under three min per for sure.
Edit: Just did a timed run with a sub optimal Zuul team in CoT(shield/thrall/zuul/lep as a test) and only took me 7 min and 20 seconds. I also did a run for treasure hunt and it took 5 tries to get 60 turns in 3 treasure hunts and only took 2.5 min per hunt. Grand total it took me about 20 minutes.

@Thevc Either your a horrible horrible player or you don’t know how time works. I invalidate any comments you make, past, present, or future. I have no idea why you still continue to play a game you hate. Move on already.

Quick question for clarity…
was your ‘run’ the three rooms in one delve?
or all three ‘runs’ needed for the challenge?

Entire challenge, 9 rooms total.

Gratz I+2, you finally broke me! Took 17 or whatever weeks of tedious monotony, but I quit my guild of 2 years, so I don’t have to do guild wars and therefor I don’t have to do this campaign anymore to be competitive. What a relief.

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Watch your mouth man. Nobody told you to play GoW. If its not healthy for you, YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO QUIT TODAY.


Lol. Alts ruin guilds.

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