Please stop slowing us down with "offers"

Some of the Angel/Demon/Merchant offers are interesting.

But the way they slow down our Explore progress is insulting.

Please immediately add the ability to skip the animation with a tap/click, in the same way we can speed up the end-of-battle animation.

Even better, show us a Skip button that becomes active before the animation starts.

(Not doing something to fix this issue would essentially prove you’re jerks who do not have the players’ interests in mind at all. Whether or not we already have this opinion, you always have the opportunity to change it.)


The option is already there, at least in the PC version. If you click somewhere, you end up at the window to cancel the encounter. Confirm, and you’re out.
If you insist to know, what it is about and what you can get out of it of course, you need to wait for five seconds.

By the way, the complaint about game speed make me think, that something went a bit wrong over the years. I remember times, when a fight under a minute was considered a quick match.
Now losing a few seconds every tenth match are an issue, as it seems.


The daemon and genie stats offers.

Are only fun in delves.

There of no use and no benefit in explore mode.
Please remove.

All this is doing is slowing us down.
Its not fun.

Learn your user base, what we like.


Just wait for the gnome-a-palooza. Then it will be fun as intended.

At least according to the announcement, they don’t appear during those. Unless of course, we are all “misreading” this.


This patch is the first one in a long time that I believe is likely to succeed in getting players to play more without actively burning them out - good job!

However, the team still needs to put in more effort trying to understand the reasons why some modes are preferred by some players and why additions & changes to those modes need to be balanced to be as inclusive for as many players as possible.

Explore is my go-to mode to keep my hands busy with low-effort gem nudging while using my brain for other tasks, like going over the day or working on something for tomorrow.

More popups, more texts, and more choices are super disruptive and make this mode much less zen.

Adding a client-side per-session toggle that completely (no animations, no popups, no confirmations) skips surprise offers would be greatly appreciated.

Similarly, Legends Reborn should get a toggle letting players skip the comic strip - again, per-session and client-only.


Matches were always fast once 4x speed was added to the game. A 1 min match was still slow at that point. Ragnagord made everything go fast. It got really fast when Fire Bomb and Leprechaun released.

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Aye: right now, it takes more clicks to try to skip the story stuff than it takes to clear the actual battles.

If only ‘Skip’ actually meant ‘Skip’…
:person_facepalming: :stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:


Not gonna lie, I’d rather not see the daemon or genie offers ever, but I’d settle for not seeing them in explores. I do like the angel & merchant, though.


Love both of these :heart::ok_hand:
More zen!!!

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I totally agree on that Daemon and Genie should be specialized for only Delves. There is no point on having them on Explore.


100% agree to this too. Daemon and Genie are waste of our time in Explore


Just have a tick box on the options menu to turn it on and off just the same as the holiday animations, all we ask for is choice, allow us to play the game as we see fit.


THIS !!!

Don’t force us to play the game the way YOU want it to be played!

If you want us to play this game, rather than all the other choices out there, then let us play the way WE want. It’s just “common sense.”


I am starting to think the devs have meetings where they ask themselves how can we piss off our playerbase even more. :sweat_smile:

It was bad enough having to fight 100+ explore battles to get your daily battle crashers, now we have this to deal with. :expressionless:


No they are meetings on how to make money. This is another round about gem sink


No one that plays explore needs stat boosts.

Genie and daemon
Complete waist of time.

Ps love your channel.
You helped me so much from start.
Now im lvl 1410 but still watch every vid.
Keep it up mate.

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What i dont understand is.
The beta testers, not saying to the devs.

Hey the update works fine, but as a player.
We really dont need or like stat boosts.
Explore is for grinding.

So the beta testers must be not playing gems properly.

If you think the beta testers have much influence on what’s going live then you’re mistaken.

The things that get changed because beta testers say so are small.

Beta testers warned them about the original gap being overpowered. They still released it as it was. For once that was good for the players but it shows devs do what they intend to do no matter what.

I’m not really bothered myself about the few seconds it takes to clock away genie and daemon before they have fully loaded.

I find it way more annoying how slowly the offers from the merchant or angel load.


I dont think the beta testers have any influence tbh.

I would like them to put there head above the parapit tho.

And come on here and say, they told the devs.
Its a waist of time.
No ones stopping them.

Just to prove, the beta testers arnt simps.