Can you please make Hero Class weapons dual coloured?

Many of them already have a situational use at best, and them being monocoloured is limiting their usefulness further in regular play, but now with Guild wars and how important the daily colour bonus is, Hero Class weapons might as well not exist at all which is a shame imho. Making them dual coloured would help a lot.

Monocolored powerful weapons are very nice for hero tanks, so they won’t block mana of troops they protect.

However, lots of existing weapons are quite weak or too situationnal.

2/3 of the class traits are far worse than what we can get from Mythics and Legendaries.

Dual-colored weapons wouldn’t solve that.
And I agree that having mono options is actually the most useful part of Heroes right now.

Of course Heroes are great at newbie levels (regardless of color scheme), but that wears off very quickly.

I was talking about Hero Class weapons exclusively, so if you want to put your Hero in the front with a monocolour weapon equipped to ‘tank’(probably the worst way to use the hero as they make terrible tanks), you can still do that, there are many weapons to chose from for that purpose.