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Mythic weapons!

Since Recently I crossed over to the point where masteries leveling dont matter as much, that rung a bell in my head. At the moment we have only two hero weapons which can handle all colors Prism Orb and the Jewel. Which got me thinking of weapons in the Mythic category. Like you need masteries of certain colors up in like the high 50s or 60s or even 70s. Give the player at the mid levels something new to try and get keep masteries at a decent level


So, 3 colour weapons?
Why not.

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what’s not to like, all my masteries are maxed so i would get these weapons immediately.

can’t say no to that …


but it should be something really amazing though.

like 50% change to devour first 2 troops and deathmark the last 2.

because i just can’t get enough of RNG …


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Life Essense Leech(:purple_heart::rice_cracker::heart:)
Mana drain and deal [magic] damage to 1 enemy boosted by mana drained. If the enemy died Cleanse and Heal myself.

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how about all gem masteries need to be at least 150 takes all gems to fill transform all gems of one mana color to a chosen type then remove all gems of the chosen type then and deal 15 true damage to all enemies boosted but the number of gems removed by this effect 1:1