Can you change the mechanism of factions through the underworld?

• Although I appreciate the last update for Factions, through the underworld, where you get potions at a certain level.
• That does not fix the real problem.
•When you beat a floor,
For example: Fl 300; There’s no way of going back to the previous Fl.
• If you mess up, that’s it, you messed up.
• I have never beaten a faction, because of this reason.
• I already messed up ‘Primal Rift’, no reason for me to do it.
• And unless I see with my own eyes, how to beat it, I’m not planning to do another one any time soon,
• It will be nice if you add a feature to start the whole faction over?
•And at least a system where you can by the floors with gold or gems or even diamonds?

thank you,

Step 1: Start any available browser of your choice.
Step 2: Search for “YouTube” and execute.
Step 3: Search for “primal rift pure faction” and execute.
Step 4: Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee/coke/pepsi/water/juice/or any drink of your choice.
Step 4: Watch several videos of different YouTuber and read the descriptions and maybe also the comments.
Step 5: Copy their team (some of them even insert the team code in the description).
Step 6: Make another cup of your choice and go to the bathroom.
Step 7: Do whatever you need to do there.
Step 8: Go back to your game and start a faction assault with one of the available teams from those YouTubers.
Step 9: Try to go the shortest (which is in most cases the easiest one as well) path to the boss room.
Step 10: Get you another cup of your choice and maybe some food. If neccessary do something else to calm yourself down and take your time to proceed.
Step 11: Beat the boss.
Step 12: If you are successful: Enjoy your victory and upgrade your new pet. If not, go back to Step 8 and consider to try it with the same team or another or upgrade your hoard level or upgrade your kingdom level to at least 14. Or do any combination of those.

Edit: This works for any faction. Just replace “primal rift” with any other faction name


I actually have the same complaint, myself (previous post), your only options after clearing a Delve are (1) Lv.20-50, (2) max level, (3) max level + 10.

This means that if you want to do a pure faction-team run you should be doing it more or less in sync with your optimized-team runs (or just from the outset). Don’t do like I did and grind a Delve up to level 500 only to THEN attempt it with a pure-faction team.

It also means that once you hit Level 500 (with or without a pure faction team) the UI for delve difficulty selection is functionally reduced to TWO buttons, as the third button (max level + 10) is now disabled. Permanently.

I completed most of my factions by grinding them to 500 and then did a succesful level 500 run using faction troops. There is absolutely no need to do PF runs in earlier levels, unless you really really really want couple extra stat points from the faction pet you get after 2000 renown.

I know, guild leaders suggest users to do level 100 PF run and level 300 PF run to get the faction pet to legendary level for more stat boosts but we are talking about few point stat boost difference between Rare level and Legendary level pet. Literally just few. It’s really not that big deal.

Though, I agree with the OP that there shouldn’t be any obstacle to enter lower, already completed levels. Maybe an option where you can scroll down to the level you want to play or just manually write the level number or something…


Maybe, but I feel like having a couple of PF runs under your belt before you attempt PF 50 gives you a little extra confidence, y’know? and some familiarity with how the faction troops work.


There’s nothing wrong with that. I sometimes do that too, though I do my tests around 150 or so to get my pet to Epic level. If I remember… :see_no_evil:

My point, nothing holds you beating the delve even if you didn’t remember to do PF runs in lower levels.

When I started playing this game I read everywhere that DO YOUR PF100 & PF300 runs!!! There I was, with my low global stats, bashing my head on the wall at level 300 because I didn’t understand how the system works… :sweat_smile:


pf 100 and pf 300 are totally irrelevant for pf 500, it needs a different team and different strategy

Technically, there is no need to do pure faction runs at all, unless/until you really really really want to level up that Faction pet.

Tecnically, there’s no need to play this game at all, unless you really really really want to advance.

The reason why I started doing PF500 runs was to actually get the pet to mythic, to get my power levels up, to get more tributes, to be able to do more stuff.