Level 100 option

… Level 100 should be an option when selecting delves then.

Playing the game mode 400 levels more difficult should be at zero gold expense if you’re gonna charge a tax on “fun”. It has to be, you know, fun.


No no no, you pay extra for the better loot - that isn’t better as it’s just marginally more of the same stuff.

As this is supposedly endgame content it should have endgame loot. But no…


100% agree with this. There is no way i’m doing a deep delve at level 500. Absolutely pointless.

I have been saying for a long time we need a level select option for delves that allow you to select any level you have already completed.


Please say level 100 should be an additional option, knowing the devs they are able to replace level 50 with level 100 :wink:


I have perhaps a better suggestion:

Once you reach faction level 500 (faction team or not), you functionally only have TWO difficulty settings, 50 vs. 500. Why not enable that third button again?

  • Left button: stays at Lv.50
  • Middle button: Delve record for faction team / no casualties run (whichever is lower) +10
  • Right button: stays at Lv.500

Alternatively, the middle button could be a choose-your-own-level with a default value of (last successful run)+10.

Case in point: Silver Necropolis was the first Delve I cleared to Lv.500 (using a non-faction team), now I can just do the same for a pure faction team right? WRONG, I have zero ability to run the faction team at anything other than Lv.50 or 500, one of which is fairly easy while the other is probably impossible (as yet) and almost a waste of Delve tokens. And a Tuesday Faction Assault (whenever the next one is) won’t help much as I generally have to tap out after Lv.80 or so.

I am not making the same mistake with Emperinazaar faction (every 50 levels I attempt a pure faction team run to help it catch up).

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FWIW, it’s not strictly necessary to do this many faction runs to earn renown, unless you really just enjoy playing the faction troops. I usually don’t :joy: so I try to limit my PF runs

For me I consider the main importance for PF runs below 500 is, how much renown do I need to ascend the faction pet? It can’t become mythic until after PF 500 is complete, so my goal is to get it to Legendary, for the most boost for an eventual PF500 run

To ascend the faction pet to legendary you need 2300 renown, which means a PF run at lvl 300, and a regular no death run at 500. (And lvl 100 hoard).

Some say the difference between epic and legendary pet are minuscule, so they would only do a PF run at 200, for 2200 renown. YMMV. But you really only “need” one PF run at whichever level you prefer

I personally usually do PF runs at 100 and 200 as well as 300, which I consider basically scouting runs, just to get a feel for the troops and strategy I’m using.

Don’t be disheartened about silver necropolis. It is generally considered one of the “easier” delves to finish and many have completed it with just hoard 100 (I did have the legendary pet though :wink: and also kingdom at 15 for extra 50%) finishing delves is supposed to take a long time to build up to. There are other ways to build up to it than just throwing gems at them during an event, you will get there eventually I am sure :+1:

Heh, I would rather throw Gold at upgrading the Hoard level past 100 than throw Gems at Faction Assault events.

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For sure. I’ve never spent gems past the weapon in any faction event. I just brought it up bc you mentioned Tuesday events. That is what I meant—silver necropolis is doable outside an event at hoard 100 (even more so now with 100 giving an enchant potion)

Add writs/deeds/books to deep delves and suddenly they would move from pointless to popular

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Considering that the depth of the delve doesn’t have any influence on the rewards you get, ie, there is no scaling in rewards between lvl 20 & 500 delve, it simply just doesn’t make any yota of sense to make you pay to enter a “deep delve” and then have to deal with doing it at whatever level your delve happens to be at.

There is a huge difference in raw difficulty between level 100 & 500 delves, especially for players who don’t have a Rolodex of mythics to throw at them, so not scaling the rewards accordingly is just… Head2Desk.

The simple solution is: make Deep Delve fixed at level 100.

  • signed, someone who accidentally started a deep delve at level 500 with pure team (very tired) and completely failed it… :expressionless:
    (that mega mimic with “random” target nuked my last slot every single time… which is where my summoner was…)