Can we remove the 'Difficulty' choice for Gnome Vault fights?

I just got a hard-earned Vault Key from the City of Thieves event today and almost lost the whole thing after a nerve wracking fight. I hit the Vault, selected my wham-bam quickie Sunbird/Firebomb team to clean the vault out easy-peasy, blew up some firebombs, unleashed the Sunbird and… what? All the damn gnomes still had armor left and like 50+ health. WHAT?

I was doing some casual PVP last night. On Warlord IV. And that setting stuck when I did the Vault.

I got lucky as hell and managed to win without losing any gnomes (though my blood pressure may have suffered for it), BUT I can assure the devs that NO ONE in the history of EVER actually runs a Gnome Vault on anything BUT easy mode. The rewards the gnomes give do NOT scale with the difficulty, and the base rewards given are so small it’s not worth the risk and effort to run it on Warlord IV. Ever. We want those Gnomes dead, FAST.

Can the difficulty for the Gnome Vault please be removed? Before I do that again and have a freaking heart attack? :+1:


Given their current trajectory, difficulty slider will probably be removed all game modes within the next few updates.


wrong, i like challenge, i usually doing it in Warlord IV ^^
But indeed, useless


Alternatively, make it so the rewards from the Vault scale with difficulty level…


You just HAD to poo on my rant didn’t ya? :smiley:

As i said, difficulty is indeed useless, so i agree with you request.
I’m just doing higher difficulties for pleasure (who said masochist ? ^^), so you’re wrong, someone in history is running in uneasy mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, me too! Although even on Warlord IV it hardly constitutes vaguely a challenge.

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Somebody told me that you had more chance of getting gnome troops in the vault with higher difficulty, I assume that’s not true then?

Also, can gnomes escape in a vault battle once they cast a spell? I personally have never seen it.

I nearly always play it own highest difficulty (I just couldn’t be bothered to adjust the difficulty, only for the explore bug recently did I turn it down), and I’m not sure I own even a single gnome. Which suits me just fine, they are worthless except for your collection itch.
And yes, gnomes can escape from the vault, I’ve seen it happen.

Iirc, though, you still receive all four rewards even if a gnome runs away. I can’t say for sure that quality of loot is unaffected, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest it automatically selects the lowest rarity loot for any runaways.

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I can say for sure you do NOT get the reward if one of the gnomes runs away. When I was new to the game before I fully understood how the vault worked, I noticed that some fights I’d get only 1-2 rewards while others I got all 4. It was become gnomes were running away.


Correct. You only get special loot for the gnomes you actually defeat.



No! I always do the vault on Warlord IV. But not when my level was lower.